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Tidying up your living room in Teams

Tidying up your living room in Teams

  • 3 min read
Tidying Up Your Living Room in Teams: Revolutionise Your Video Calls with AI Contact Us Microsoft Teams, the collaboration and communication tool that has become essential in...
artificial intelligence in lens studio

Artificial intelligence in Lens Studio

  • 3 min read
Artificial Intelligence in Lens Studio: Snapchat Introduces Lens Studio 5.0 Contact Us Snap recently launched the beta version of Lens Studio 5.0, marking an important milestone in the...
thumbnail blog post on chatbot AI on instagram

Conversational AI bot on Instagram

  • 4 min read
The AI chatbot on Instagram: A revolution in online personalisation Contact us Instagram's announcement of the forthcoming launch of a personalisable AI chatbot has...
thumbnail blog post: top 5 TikTok filters for motogp

Top 5 TikTok filters for MotoGP

  • 3 min read
The 5 Best TikTok Filters for MotoGP Contact us In the teeming world of social networking, TikTok stands out as the platform of choice for expressing...
social network filters in the customer journey

Filters in the customer journey

  • 5 min read
Optimising the Customer Journey with Social Network Filters: a foolproof strategy Contact us In the dynamic world of digital marketing, social network filters are...

Top 5 tattoo filters

  • 3 min read
The Best Instagram and Snapchat Tattoo Filters Contact Us Tattoo filters have become a staple of the social networking world, transforming...

Kiabi's Snapchat filter campaign

  • 4 min read
Kiabi's Snapchat filters: an innovation in the shopping experience Kiabi, an iconic brand in the world of ready-to-wear clothing, has recently transcended conventional...
thumbnail article on the price of an instagram filter

How much does an Instagram filter cost?

  • 3 min read
How do I determine the price of an Instagram filter? Contact us Instagram has distinguished itself as an application that has considerably expanded its functionalities, offering Instagram filters. However, to...

How to create a Snapchat group

  • 4 min read
How do I create a group on Snapchat? The Step-by-Step Guide Contact us In today's world of digital communication, Snapchat has established itself as one of the...
automotive marketing in 2024

Automotive marketing in 2024

  • 7 min read
Automotive marketing in 2024: the digital strategies that need to be put in place Contact us Definition: Automotive marketing Automotive marketing is the marketing of...
find an idea for a tiktok filter

How to find a TikTok filter idea

  • 5 min read
How to come up with an idea for a TikTok filter Targeting objectives Promoting a product Getting closer to your community Drive To Store objective Regulations Contact us When it...

How to find a Snapchat filter idea

  • 6 min read
How to come up with an idea for a Snapchat filter Increase brand awareness Drive to store objective Promote a product Increase conversion Contact us As part of your marketing strategy,...
New advertising formats on YouTube

New advertising formats on YouTube

  • 3 min read
New advertising formats on YouTube Contact us As part of its ongoing drive to expand, the YouTube video platform is launching new advertising formats. These innovations...
2024 trends on social networks

Must-know 2024 trends

  • 5 min read
2024 trends you need to know Contact us Like every year, social networks and other communications platforms are following trends that are mainly driven by the media.

Augmented reality memories

  • 3 min read
Immersive exploration of the past: augmented reality at the service of our memories Contact us Augmented reality has been widely used in a variety of fields, such as...
thumbnail of the blog post on the best snapchat filters for 4th july in the united states

Top 5 best filters for 4 July

  • 2 min read
Top 5 Snapchat filters for 4th July, Independence Day in the USA Contact us The bank holidays in the United States, also known as Independence Day,...
snapchat my ai

My AI: Snapchat's chatbot

  • 4 min read
My AI: Snapchat's chatbot Contact us Snapchat, the social networking platform, has recently launched a new feature combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality....

All about collaborative collections

  • 3 min read
What are collaborative collections on Instagram? Definition Creating a collaborative collection on Instagram Adding a post to a collaborative collection Finding a collaborative collection...
TikTok Bold Glamour window sticker

Bold Glamour filter

  • 4 min read
Bold Glamour: the TikTok filter on trend. Contact us A new filter that's all the rage these days is the Bold Glamour filter. Smoothed contours,...

Snap Spotlight: new features

  • 4 min read
Snapchat wants to boost Snap Spotlight usage Contact Us Snap Spotlight is a part of Snapchat that copies the way TikTok works. While this feature is a great way to...
new tiktok filters are available on Effect House

New types of TikTok filters

  • 3 min read
New TikTok filter types Contact us Effect House is the software for creating TikTok filters. This new software allows you to make all the filters you want...

New features in Google Maps

  • 5 min read
AI and augmented reality: the new features of Google Maps Contact us Last year Google Maps announced some big changes to its applications, including a...
what is try on and virtual fitting

Try on and its benefits for brands

  • 6 min read
Everything you need to know about try on / virtual fitting Definition Type of support Examples The advantages of try on Contact us What is the definition of try on?
meta launches a series of advertisements for the metaverses

Meta's first advertisement

  • 3 min read
Meta: Discover the very first advertisement that has been aired in the metaverse Contact us The Meta group has released its first advertisement in its...

Capgemini in partnership with Unity

  • 4 min read
Capgemini and Unity join forces to create new interactive solutions in the metaverse Contact us The digital services group Capgemini, which specialises in consulting,...

A music application for Tik Tok

  • 3 min read
Tik Tok continues its development with a potential music streaming application Contact us Tik Tok is undoubtedly the most popular network of the moment among the...

The NFTs developed by Le Parisien

  • 3 min read
Le Parisien has put on sale legendary NFTs retracing its history Contact us For the start of the 2022 school year, the popular newspaper Le Parisien has brought out 100...
niantic wants to revolutionize the augmented reality industry - article

Niantic and augmented reality

  • 4 min read
Niantic aims to revolutionise the industry with augmented reality Contact Us Niantic, founder with The Pokémon Company of the highly acclaimed Pokémon Go game, has been working on a...

Art on The Sandbox

  • 3 min read
Art is featured on The Sandbox Contact us The Sandbox, the famous metaverse featuring 3D pixel universes, at the...
dubai in the metaverse

Dubai's metaverse strategy

  • 4 min read
Dubai aims to become the capital of the metaverse with its new strategy Contact Us Dubai has launched its strategy to develop the metaverse and become the world's leading economy.
patchwolrd metaverse musical

PatchWorld, the musical metaverse

  • 3 min read
Discover PatchWorld, the application that immerses you in a musical metaverse Contact Us Released for Meta Quest 2 and available on the Oculus Store since last July, discover PatchWorld, the...