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What's new in social networks

  • 9 min read
Social networking news roundup This month's roundup - Social networking is evolving fast and new features, programmes and products are being announced. But what about...

Augmented reality for brands

  • 5 min read
BRAND CONTENT: BRANDS INVESTING IN AUGMENTATED REALITY Augmented reality is gradually becoming a part of companies' marketing strategies. A real asset...

Nike NFTs

  • 5 min read
THE WORLD OF SNEAKERS IS GOING NFT Nike, the big American sportswear brand, recently released CyptoKicks, its digital trainers. Other brands are also...

The value of a social media strategy

  • 9 min read
STEPS TO TAKE TO CREATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Social networks are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. The place...

Amazon and the metaverse

  • 5 min read
AMAZON AND AUGMENTATED REALITY: A PROJECT IN DEVELOPMENT Apple, Meta, Google... The biggest companies have all started using augmented reality....

What is Web 3.0?

  • 5 min read
What is Web 3.0? Web 3.0, also known as the "decentralised web", continues to develop into the internet of the future. In connection with the...

Augmented reality glasses

  • 4 min read
Mojo Vision: augmented reality lenses in development Announced at the January 2020 CES, a trade show dedicated to new technologies, the...

Influencer marketing used by brands

  • 6 min read
Why integrate influencer marketing into your strategy? Influencer marketing consists of promoting your product/service by relying on the visibility of your audience...

Art and augmented reality

  • 8 min read
Art and augmented reality: a promising duo Augmented reality arrived in the art world around the 1970s. This new dimension of art and...

New Instagram features

  • 6 min read
What are the new features of Instagram? Launched in 2010, Instagram is the 3rd most popular social network in the world, excluding the social networks...

The power of gifs

  • 3 min read
Gifs: an important lever on social networks What is a gif? A Gif, or Graphic Interchange Format, is a digital image format used to display...

5 Snapchat filter trends

  • 5 min read
Snapchat releases its filter trends report Snapchat has released its first Snapchat filter trends report of the year. We can...

Organic and paid activation

  • 3 min read
What is organic activation and paid activation of a filter? To activate a filter in augmented reality you have the choice of activating it organically...

Top 5 best Halloween filters

  • 3 min read
Top 5 Halloween filters Halloween is a holiday that many people look forward to. Synonymous with thrills and spills, anything is possible during...

How to create an Instagram filter?

  • 3 min read
How to create an Instagram filter? For a few years now it has been possible to create your own Instagram filter. The social network wanted to give free access to the...

3 new features on Spark AR

  • 4 min read
Spark AR: 3 new features available Spark AR is the software for creating Instagram and Facebook filters. In order to meet the needs of creators, Spark AR is now available...

What is Lens Studio?

  • 3 min read
What is Lens Studio? Snapchat is the social network of reference for augmented reality filters, and this is thanks to Lens Studio, a new and innovative...

What is Spark AR?

  • 4 min read
What is Spark AR? Since 2019, the Facebook group has decided to open the creation of augmented reality filters on Instagram to the public for free...

Gucci virtual 25: the digital trainer

  • 3 min read
Gucci virtual 25: the digital trainer Gucci Virtual 25: the virtual shoe to share on all your photos Contents A pair of trainers, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes...

Lens studio: its new update

  • 3 min read
Lens studio: What's new in the update Contents: Improved hand tracking Full body segmentation Multi-body 3D tracking Appearance of the...