Amazon & Snapchat: an augmented reality partnership

In November 2023, Snapchat partnered with Amazon to create an enhanced augmented reality shopping experience.

Virtual try-on at the centre of the partnership

This partnership aims to try out Amazon products directly on the Snapchat app using augmented reality. Indeed, the Snap lenses may propose thevirtual fitting for 3D clothing and accessories but also for make-up. Thus, initially Amazon has set up a eyewear catalogue that users can try out directly from the camera in the Snapchat app and purchase them through a call to action on Amazon Fashion

This partnership was made possible by the Amazon AR which was already available on the Amazon application. Thus, the 3D files of the products were already made and adapted for thevirtual fitting in augmented reality on the Snapchat application.


Snapchat wants to attract more brands with AR

Snapchat invests millions of dollars each year to perfect or invent AR features with a technology. The little ghost has realized that its competitive advantage is based on augmented reality filters and wants to show the benefits of this new technology to brands.

Indeed, for the past year, Snap has been offering brands the opportunity to create a catalogue of their products on the application, which allows users to try them out in try-on products with a call to action that leads directly to the product sheet on the seller's website.

The functionality try-on AR from Snapchat is a real advantage for brands as it adds a new point of sale and contact with a young audience. In addition, being able to easily try out a product adds an element of reassurance for consumers.

Finally, augmented reality has been shown to be one of the factors that create a immersive experience. And that's totally the case with Snapchat's try-on filters, which make trying on interactive and immersive. Indeed, the user will project himself with the product he is trying on and will have the impression of really wearing it.

Amazon wants to attract more young customers

For Amazon, this partnership offers several advantages. Firstly, the try-on on Snap allows it to reach a more targeted audience. young and less accessible on other social networks. This is because the majority of Snapchat users have no other social networks or use them very little. It is therefore an application where brands must absolutely go to expand their audience.

Moreover, Amazon is a giant in online sales and positioning itself on Snapchat allows it tofurther expand its contact points. Indeed, Snapchat offers a feature to the state of the art that allows brands to differentiate themselves and increase their conversion. Add to this the fact that the majority of online shopping is done on mobile and you have the perfect combination for fast conversions.

Finally, the possibility ofadd a call to action is very advantageous for Amazon as it allows users to be taken directly to Amazon Fashion. Currently, the fashion section of the online retail giant has accumulated more than a billion orders and their aim is to increase this number of orders through this partnership with Snapchat.

At Filter Maker, we have already conducted try-on experiments on Snapchat as well as on Instagram for brands. If you are interested in this concept, please contact us so that we can support you in your project!