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Discover the different activation possibilities to showcase these filters on social networks (Instagram, Snapchat and Instagram filter)

Our activation ideas

The production quality of the effect is just as important as the activations used to promote the associated filter. There are many organic and non-organic tricks to increase the number of shares of the effect, but also the number of impressions of the filter. Our agency supports clients from A to Z by proposing media and associated communication plans to generate UGC and obtain maximum organic insight. It is important that the content of the filter and the communication is consistent with the basic objective (e.g. : drive to store, promotion, conversion, etc. )


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Publishing a filter on social networks with the right properties (name, demo video, keywords, etc.) without communicating on it is not enough to have a significant reach and engagement. It is necessary to use online and offline communication methods to promote the effect and make the campaign successful. 

Social networks aim to get you paid in ads (which is an activation in its own right), which is why they will not necessarily promote your filter organically.

The possible activations are infinite, depending on the mechanics of the filter itself, but also on the communication elements that will be put in place to promote it. We have listed 5 key activations to promote your filter on social networks: 

- Social networks : This means promoting your effect via social networks. This ranges from creating story templates, to integrating front page stories, to defining an editorial calendar.

- QR Codes : QR codes create a link between a physical element and the augmented reality experience. It is possible to scan a QR code on a packaging, a POS or a magazine to discover an immersive experience.

- The competitions : Contests can be related to the filter mechanics or not. The aim is to offer a promotion or gift to a selected user as a result of using and sharing the effect. This significantly boosts the number of uses of the filters. 

- Influencers : Influencers allow you to increase the number of impressions very quickly. Since filters have a UGC mechanism, it is an ultra-relevant activation for the launch of a campaign. 

- The ads : It is possible to publish on Spark AR (Facebook and Instagram) and Lens Studio (Snapchat) your filter as an ad filter. This allows for much more engaging and powerful content than traditional content.

Even before the filter is produced, it is important to define the objective of the campaign. Once this has been created according to the sector of activity and the ambition of the effect, Filter Maker helps you to define the most relevant communication levers for your filter on social networks. 

An organic activation is a communication lever to promote your free filter that relies on existing elements such as your catchment area, your community, etc. Before even thinking about paid activations, it is important to have studied all the avenues of organic activation. These can be, for example, traditional communication on social networks, QR codes, competitions, etc.

A paid activation is a way to promote one's effect in augmented reality via intermediaries who will charge for their services. These intermediaries can be influencers or platforms that will charge brands to broadcast augmented reality ads. 

To increase the number of impressions of your filter, the most relevant activation will be to use the influencers to have maximum visibility on a defined target over a short period of time. This will naturally lead to a large number of uses and sharing of its augmented reality filter.

To increase the number of shares of its filter, the most relevant activation is to set up competitions. The user should be asked to use the effect and share it by mentioning the brand on their story with the chance to win a promotion or a gift. 

Indeed, this is part of our service. Having accompanied a large number of brands and agencies in the promotion of augmented reality effects, we have an empirical vision that allows us to identify the most or least relevant activations depending on the communication campaign.

To promote a product or an event, the use of a competition can considerably increase the number of uses. By giving away a product-related prize, it can promote the product or event indirectly.

To increase conversion, it is interesting to test advertising filters (Ads). In contrast to traditional content (photo video), filters allow  convert up to 30 % more on its E-commerce site.

To carry out a drive to store action it is interesting to mix two types of activations. Firstly, QR codes to be installed directly in the shop, which makes it possible to create an exclusivity to discover the immersive experience in augmented reality. The implementation of a competition also allows people to move around the showrooms.

It is necessary to plan a budget to promote the effect once it is online. For paid activations, the budget will depend on the brand's ambition for the desired campaign. The budget can range from €500 to €100,000 depending on the brand's financial capacity.

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