Twitch, a new communication channel for brands?

Twitch made its debut barely 10 years ago and has become the reference in online streaming for young people. Its very first objective was the live streaming of video games and esports but since a few years the platform has diversified to offer all types of topics (cooking, travel, politics...).

Why does Twitch work so well with young people?

With live broadcasting, the people doing the live broadcasting cannot hide behind a script or a role, so they are completely real and sincere in their reaction and speech.

In addition, there is a chat and commentary area for viewers to interact with the streamer and make the live stream more dynamic.

Twitch's success with young people is also explained by their desire to escape from traditional communication channels that no longer offer original content but are very much focused on mass advertising.


Why should brands be on Twitch?

The Twitch community is very young as you might have guessed. A brand that wants to reach this age group would be well advised to start on Twitch to reach a maximum of young people.


But beware, Twitch has many codes and norms that make the community strong and solid. You can't propose the same content as on other communication channels. Indeed, the Twitch community is looking for creative and authentic content that changes from other contents that can be found everywhere. So you will have to share your values rather than your products with lives that are different from the ordinary. The risk of reproducing exactly the same content as on traditional communication channels may be at odds with the values and expectations of this platform. You risk driving away those you are trying to reach and being boycotted by viewers.

Which companies can invest on Twitch?

To ensure a good integration on Twitch, you have to be sure to share original and creative content. It will be easier for companies who want to innovate and/or share things to launch on Twitch without too much effort. For example, a live broadcast on interesting information, on current topics or the sharing of new experiences are suitable contents. So you've understood, Twitch is a great opportunity for brands but you have to be careful not to reproduce the same pattern as on traditional communication channels.

Sharing your values and your brand image is therefore important and to help you we can create filters to integrate into your live stream. Come and discover all the possibilities of augmented reality on Twitch on our website!