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Instagram is one of the most used mobile applications on the planet. With over 1 billion monthly active users (MAU), more than 500 million stories posted per day. The platform has become indispensable for brand communication. The audience makes it possible to reach a large number of targets, but particularly 16-35 year olds.

Over 200 million Instagram users view branded content every day. The content published will be photos/videos published in the feed, in stories or in reels. But other content can be published on the platform, such as augmented reality content with the famous Instagram filters.

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Integrate 2D/3D elements on users' faces and add animations and interactions to make the filter go viral.

Modeling and texturing of your products in 3D in order to integrate them in augmented reality. We can add information or animations in AR.

Via image recognition, we can improve and animate your packaging. The instagram filter allows you to unlock the image tracker.

Integrate 2D/3D elements on users' faces and add animations and interactions to make the filter go viral.



to discover the content compared to traditional content



through 3D product visualization in augmented reality



on AR content on Instagram


Use an Instagram filter for your brand content issues. The virality of the effects will allow you to get reputation and be regularly present on social networks.

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Augmented reality on Instagram is content you can use for specific activations. Setting a strategy for the launch of the filter provides important insights.

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Integrate instagram filters to promote your events. Whether it's for on-site animation or to tease the big day, it's content that fits perfectly.


You can promote your events or your products with the Instagram filter, for example by making 3D product visualization in the environment of the future buyer


Develop your employer brand with the Instagram filter. It is a content that allows you to animate your teams around your company or even to have more notoriety to recruit certain profiles.


Our area of expertise includes all the expertise necessary to create an Instagram filter. We create 2D / 3D elements according to our clients' briefs, and we animate them in motion design. For the post AR part we use Adobe, Blender, Cinema 4D, After Effect. In order to import and animate the elements on the editing software of Facebook and Instagram. This software is Spark AR. The limits of the software are unlimited, as we can code directly within it.

The only technical limitations we may have will be on the size of the final file which is limited to 4MB.


Instagram filters are now the most widely used augmented reality effects. The platform has allowed brands to integrate augmented reality filters as so-called promotional content. It is a format that can be sponsored like any other type of content, but it is organically viral.

Users using the effects of the brands become ambassadors and influencers of the company on its own networks. (UGC)

Our agency works with brands to help them create augmented reality content, but in addition, we help them set up specific activations so that the effect has a greater reach on instagram.


We support our clients in the distribution of Instagram filters. Starting with a precise objective, we co-create a brief We work with our clients to ensure that the Instagram filter is in line with the content's mission. After production, we support our clients to ensure that the filter has the largest possible audience.

For example, we have implemented calls to action in QR code in shopping centres linked to Instagram filters to participate in competitions. We have also set up influence campaigns for certain projects or even strategies paid media.



This application is the 3rd most downloaded mobile app with an average time spent of 8.4 hours per month. An opportunity with a potential audience of 24 million users. 2 million advertisers have already adopted this policy, why not you?

- 90% of accounts follow at least one brand or company account

- ⅓ of the most viewed stories are from brands  

Allowing new items or brands to be discovered on Instagram for 83% of them.



An instagram filter is content in augmented reality directly integrated into the Instagram platform. Users of the social network will then be able to use them in the effect section in order to publish them in their story or in their Reel. 

This content is being used more and more around the world. Instagram users will be able to integrate virtual elements on their faces, on their bodies, or in their environment. It is interactive and immersive content that allows for much greater engagement than traditional content. 

For brands, Instagram filters can be used for different purposes. Whether for brand content or for specific activations. The communication objectives that instagram filters can meet are for example 

Carry out a drive to store action This consists of encouraging Instagram users to move through the retails by integrating the Instagram filter into a campaign including QR codes for example or a competition. 

Promote a product or an event By setting up communication campaigns linked to a product or an event, it will be possible to promote them with content that is much more engaging than traditional content.

Increase conversion The instagram effects will, for example, be able to display products in augmented reality as a preview. This way, users will be able to display their product in their environment before they can even use it. 

The time it takes to produce an Instagram filter will depend on the complexity of producing the filter. It can take between 2 days and 1 month. It is also necessary to anticipate the moderation time, which will be 2 to 5 days. 

It is important to promote your filter on Instagram once it has been uploaded to the platform. To do this, it is possible to use different activations: 

Communicate via social networks 

Organise a competition 

Integrating QR codes on physical elements 

Use influencers 

Integrate the filter as an advertising effect on Instagram. 

It is quite possible to integrate the filter on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. It should be noted that the use and number of impressions of the effects on Facebook are less important. Furthermore, it has recently become possible to use the integrated effects on the Spark AR Hub on Messenger. It is possible to see the statistics of the use of the filters on Messenger on the tab "Video call experiences".

When importing the filter into the Spark AR Hub, the platform provides the option to upload theeffect in advertising effect. Once the moderation is done, the filter will be available in the Facebook Ads Manager. Thus the brand will have the possibility of integrating a filter into advertising on the various platforms. This is the so-called "sponsored content".

Spark AR is the augmented reality software for creating filters on Facebook and Instagram. It is an open source software allowing any agency/creator/brand to create their own augmented reality effect. 

The Spark AR Hub is the platform for importing effects to Instagram and Facebook. Each Instagram account linked to a Facebook account will have access to this platform for free. Furthermore, it will be possible to access the statistics of the filters and effects published on Instagram and Facebook via this platform. 

On the Spark AR Hub it is possible to get statistics on the effect's interactions and on the audience. First of all, you need to determine in the top right-hand corner of the screen the desired period for the insights. By default the Spark AR Hub will be set to the last 28 days. 

For interactions : 

- The number of impressions: This corresponds to the number of times the effect was displayed on a screen, i.e. the number of people who saw the story of a person who used the filter. 

- The number of openings: This is the number of users who have used the effect on the application. 

- The number of captures: This is the number of people who have used the effect by saving it on Facebook or Instagram. 

- Number of recordings: The number of times a person after using the effect has recorded it in their film

- The number of shares: This is the number of users who have shared the item in their story or private message.

For the hearing : 

- The gender of the user 

- The age range  

- The main countries 

- Recognition algorithms: As with any content development agency in augmented reality we are dependent on the development features on their platform. In particular the recognition algorithms, for example it is possible to recognise the user's feet on Snapchat, but not on Facebook and Instagram. 

- Filter size: To keep the Instagram application User Friendly, Instagram limits the size of the filter we will upload to their platform. The limit is 4 MB for the total file (Asset + AR) 

For moderation constraints : 

Instagram and Facebook have a pretty strict policy on what you can and cannot post as a filter/ you can find them here. The main points are: 

- No static text or logo 

- No link, CTA to an external site or app, no hashtag

- No offensive content or content not suitable for a young audience (alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

It is stated that the moderation time is between 2 and 5 days. Anecdotally, it usually takes a few hours. However, it is important to anticipate, it is not uncommon to have import problems when the effect includes texts or logos. The instagram algorithm will sometimes detect a static text when it is not the case. 

Once the filter has been produced, other features need to be determined on the Spark AR Hub. Such as : 

- The name of the effect (maximum 20 characters including spaces) 

- A demonstration video

- Key words 

- A sticker 

- The length of time the effect will be available on Instagram

An Instagram filter will be an augmented reality content that will be applied before starting the recording of the story or the reels. A GIF will be an overlay and will be integrated once the content is recorded. To upload an Instagram filter you need to go through the Spark AR Hub. To upload a GIF you need to use the Giphy platform. 

The price of filters on Instagram ranges from €1,000 to €30,000 depending on the complexity of producing the assets, animations, and the complexity of augmented reality development. Do not hesitate to ask us about your project.