Because we want your experience to be great, we have a workflow to optimise everyone's time during the development of your augmented reality project


After an initial discussion, we determine the brand's objectives. We then identify key activations that can be promoted by our augmented reality content in order to meet your expectations. 


After agreeing on what you need. We brief our creative teams, so that they can create your augmented reality models. In this way, we offer our clients the opportunity to have a first visualization of the effect and to understand its mechanics.    


Once the models have been validated, we move on to the production of the effect. This is when we create the 2D elements, model the products in 3D and integrate/optimise all the elements in AR.


We follow each step of the creation of your filter, so that we can adjust the various elements present on the filter with our client. To do this, we go back and forth with our client to make the project management as smooth as possible. 


Once the design is complete, the dissemination phase begins. We assist our clients with the dissemination plan for the effect. The aim is to identify as many organic levers as possible to promote the created effect in an ingenious way.


Once the effect has been validated, we assist the client in importing the effect into their compte. To achieve this, we first publish the effect on two software packages depending on the platform chosen: Lens studio (Snapchat) or Spark AR hub (Facebook or Instagram).


After the filter has been distributed, we have real-time access to the filter statistics. Impressions, opens, shares, and captures will be analysed for the client in order to estimate the notoriety of his effect. 

We may also analyse the audience: these measures provide information about the gender, age and location of people who open your effects.

Gender and age are based on information provided in their Instagram or Facebook profiles.

The top countries are based on where people are when they open the effects.


At the end of each campaign, a call is organised with our clients to debrief on the insights gained from the effect. We also discuss the potential levers to be identified for future creations. 


We will get back to you in few minutes ✔