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With our agency Filter Maker you can create your own branded Snapchat filter. Our agency listens to you and accompanies you in the realization of your effect. Discover the process we put in place for our clients.

Our Support

1 - Setting your objectives

We discuss with you to define your objectives and the briefs of your Snapchat filter.

2 - Creation process

Our teams create the necessary assets and designs according to your objectives and brand image.

2 - Launching the filter

After validation, we publish your lens on your Snapchat account.

2 - Debriefing

At the end of the campaign, we analyse the performance of your Lens in order to offer you even better content.

Official Snapchat Partner

Filter Maker is part of the Snap Lens Network of agencies around the world. This network allows companies wanting to create advertising campaigns to contact expert agencies. By being a member of this group, we meet the skills required by Snapchat to create immersive experiences (Snapchat Lens, Immersive Experience Campaign...).


Filter Maker accompanies the leading brands and agencies around the world in their communication objectives by creating effective Snapchat lenses.

Snapchat : the app to interact with millennials

Snapchat has become one of the most used applications in the world. In France alone, nearly 22 million users use Snapchat every month (MAU). The target group most present on Snapchat is quite young, what we call today the millennials. Nearly 48 % of the users of the mobile application, have between 13 and 24 years.

Some Snapchat audiences are even exclusive to the application, i.e. they are not present on other social networks. The average usage (recurrence) of Snapchat is extremely high on DAU is on average 30 openings. Brands have established themselves on the application and especially on the "lens" (filters / effects) where the moderation policy is simpler than on Facebook and have a greater virality than on all social networks.

Popular Filters


Integrate 2D/3D elements on users' faces and add animations and interactions to make a Snapchat filter viral.

dkny logo

Thanks to an algorithm, the filters can display an element in a random way. This Snapchat lens makes it possible to offer ever more original content.

galeries lafayette logo

We model and texture your products in 3D in order to integrate them in augmented reality. We can add AR animations.


Via image recognition, we can enhance and animate your packaging. The Snap filter allows you to unlock the image recognition.


We can integrate AR games on a Snapchat lens. Interactions will take place with head movements, mouth movements, eyes etc.


Brand Content

Use a Snapchat filter for your brand content issues. The virality of the effects will allow you to get reputation and have a regular presence on social networks. Offer users the opportunity to travel through your brand's world.


Augmented reality on Snapchat is powerful, featured content. Strategising on the launch of the filter can provide important insights and increase your visibility to young people.

Product launch

You can promote your events or products with Snapchat Lenses, for example by making 3D product visualisation (the try-on) in the environment of the future buyer.

Promoting an event

Integrate Snapchat filters to promote your events. Whether it's for on-site animation or to tease the day, it's content that fits perfectly.


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Snapchat filter, Snap Camera

We design Snapchat filters in-house from A to Z. From the creation and modelling of 2D or 3D elements to the implementation and animation in Snapchat's AR software, Lens Studio. The effects on Snapchat allow targeting a fairly young population, but also take advantage of one of the best AR algorithms.

From now on, thanks to the Snap Camera, available on PC and Mac, we can create augmented reality experiences on the computer. To animate your shop window or to animate your video conferences.

We accompany our clients before the Snapchat filter is delivered to propose content that meets the brand's objectives. Afterwards, we also assist our clients in the Lens Snapchat broadcast.

Interact with the new generation

Snapchat, the application created in 2011, allows users to send messages, photos and videos that disappear instantly (story). Later on, Snapchat teams added a filter feature allowing users to send photos and videos in augmented reality. Snapchat's target audience is quite young: 13-24 years old, Snapchat filters are often fun animations.

Lens Studio (the creation software) allows anyone to create their own effects. Brands have seized on this phenomenon to communicate with this target. The reach of the effects is often exponential.

The number one messaging service for young people

In France, 16 million users are on the application daily.
Among 11-24 year olds, the little yellow ghost represents the messaging network the most used to communicate.

Being present on this application is important because many people only use this social network

  • 86% do not have Twitter
  • 53% are not on Facebook 
  • 38% do not have a parallel Instagram account

A popular network that expects to have more than 356 million users in the next two years worldwide.

A social network that promotes augmented reality

The AR features of Snapchat filters are now very mature. Some features are even only available on the platform.

In addition to the Face Tracker, Snapchat's algorithms allow for Hand Tracker (hand tracking), Foot tracker ( foot tracking ) to do shoe fitting for example. In addition, some features allow for the recognition of dogs for example.

Our agency will help you create your effects on Lens Studio (Snapchat filter creation software) no matter how complex.

+ 30%
Increased conversion
More time on the platform
+ 20%
Interaction with your content

Why work with an agency to create your Snapchat filter?

Snapchat filters have become very important content for brands. They allow to reaching out to a younger target group which consumes a lot of filters.

However, many brands have already positioned themselves on it and it is no longer enough to publish a filter to see it go viral. This is why going through an agency specialised in Snapchat filters has become mandatory for benefit from their advice and expertise.

On top of that, there are various activations that correspond to different objectives that a brand would like to achieve. That's why a Snapchat filter agency will be able to accompany and guide you to achieve different numbers of impressions, captures and shares depending on your goals.

In addition, creating a Snapchat filter requires some knowledge of augmented reality and specialised software. Indeed, some filters are quite complex and also require a lot of work upstream to create the 2D and 3D assets as well as the animations and the filter sequence. This is why a more traditional agency could be limited in its Snapchat filter creations.

Finally, using a Snapchat filter agency allows you to keep in touch with her throughout the project and afterwards the publication of your filter.

At Filter Maker we send for example a regular reporting with all statistics on the impact of your Snapchat filter. With this we accompany you on the understanding of this datas by linking them to your primary objective.

At Filter Maker we work with 75 % of our customers over the long term. It is rare for our agency to produce only one augmented reality effect for a brand. This proves the relevance of our expertise to create Snapchat filters.

How to choose an agency to create your Snapchat filter?

Every Snapchat filter agency is different. Indeed, each one offers a different expertise and here are some criteria to consider when choosing:

The budget released for the Snapchat filter: some agencies are not willing to work on projects if the budget is too small due to internal and salary costs.

The agency's portfolio : Some filters require specific skills depending on the complexity of the filter. It is sometimes better to look at the filters already created by an agency to be sure that the agency will be able to create the Snapchat filter efficiently and to make a qualitative project that matches the specifications. 
At Filter Maker this is our case, we are an agency specialised in the creation of Snapchat filters and we have collaborated with the biggest brands in the world. You can find some of our references on our portfolio.

Technical experience : Most often, traditional agencies outsource the creation of Snapchat filters because their teams are not made up of Snapchat filter experts. So our agency works with the biggest brands directly, but also with agencies for specific campaigns.


A Snapchat filter is made on a software, Lens Studio, that Snapchat has made available for a few years to all content creators. To create a Snapchat filter, you first need to download this software and log in. 

Then comes the creation of your assets (2D or 3D) which must be compatible with Lens Studio. For this you can use the Adobe suite to create your elements for a more qualitative rendering. Once you have designed your assets, you must then integrate them into Lens Studio and arrange them as you would like to see them on the screen. One of the most important steps is to animate your assets to make your Snapchat filter more dynamic. There are many trackers on Lens Studio that allow you to do this: the hand tracker, the foot tracker, the head tracker etc...

When you're satisfied, just post it on Snapchat! To find out in detail what to do, we've written a short guide: How to create a Snapchat filter? 

Creating a Snapchat filter requires a lot of experience with the software as it is quite complicated to learn. You can simply hire a Snapchat filter agency! 

You can find the various statistics of your Snapchat filter at my-lens.snapchat.com. With the detailed analytics you'll find on the site, you can learn about demographics, geography, and insights into your Snapchat filter usage.

So there are :

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Impressions
  • Captures
  • Shares
  • Your audience's favourite keywords
  • Favorites (the number of times your Lens has been bookmarked)

Thanks to this, you can establish a study on your audience and the performance of your Lens simply on the website.

To create a Snapchat filter, you must first know the Lens Studio software by heart to be able to create any Snapchat filter. Moreover, before all that, it is important to master the software that allows you to create the assets to ensure a perfect rendering. Thus, 3D design software is important to master as well as 2D content creation software.

Secondly, you need to have an expertise on Snapchat trends to make sure that your Lens will not flop when published on the app. The same goes for the advertising effects you can create on Snapchat, you need to know how to create a detailed campaign strategy so you don't miss an important element and make sure the effect will perform well.

There are different ways to find your Snapchat filter on the app.

When you're on Snapchat you can find a filter through the "Browse" option right in the camera features. In addition to this option, there is a filter library called "Explore" where you can find dozens of trending filters specifically designed for you based on your past Lenses used with a Snapchat filter preview. In this library, there are filter categories that will allow you to search for an effect that suits you. In addition, you can also type a keyword in the search bar of this library to find a specific Snapchat filter without wasting time scrolling through the entire library. From this library, you can also follow inspiring filter creators to enjoy all their filters quickly from your camera.

Another way to find a Snapchat filter is to simply scan a Snapcode directly from your Snapchat camera.

The final way to find a Snapchat filter is to search Snapcamera for a filter. If you want to know more about this software created by Snapchat, we have written an article on this software. 

Want to know all the details on this issue? Our article "Where to find a Snapchat filter" will help you!

A community effect is activated in a predefined area and at a specific time of the year. Community effects can be created by anyone free of charge to celebrate a tourist site, a historical place, an occasion or a holiday period. The features of a Community Lens are limited enough to give all users the opportunity to create a fairly simple filter.

On Snapchat, you can sponsor your filter to reach a wider audience. An advertising effect is not considered as a Lens but as an advertising content. This means that the user will not be able to find it in the effect gallery but it will be available directly from the Snapchat camera appearing as sponsored content. You can then target the audience you want based on demographic and geographic characteristics. The user will be able to use it for 1-2 days after activating it.

A Sponsored Lens will not only ensure you get the right audience but also a better engagement rate for your Snapchat filter and increase the performance of your campaign.

Publishing a filter on Snapchat or Instagram is not the same thing. Indeed, these two social networks offer a different way of using augmented reality. There are many different features that you won't find on Instagram, and conversely on Snapchat.

For example, the Snapchat filter creation software allows you to track an individual's entire body and therefore allows for more filter possibilities than on Instagram. This means you can publish a much higher quality filter on Snapchat if you are looking to create a more creative or interactive filter. For example, thanks to foot recognition, it is possible to project 3D shoes directly onto the user or activate an animation when the user moves a foot or leg.

Snapchat is a social network that revolves around sending instant photos to contacts, so the use of filters is more widely used than on Instagram and the numbers prove it, 500 million minutes of augmented reality photos and videos are sent on Snapchat every day.

Moreover, Snapchat is a meeting place for younger people. So it makes sense for a brand targeting this generation to go for a Snapchat filter rather than an Instagram filter that has a slightly older audience. Gen Z and millennials are also very fond of augmented reality filters.

Lens studio is the software for creating augmented reality filters for Snapchat. It is possible to create the filter you want on Lens Studio and offer users an immersive experience that transports them into your brand world.

Learn more about Lens Studio, see our dedicated article! 

The price of a Snapchat filter depends on many factors. Indeed, it is not enough to simply make a filter but also to create all the graphic elements and animations that constitute a Snapchat effect. It is therefore difficult to give a precise price range as a Snapchat filter can vary from €400 to €20,000. To find out more about the prices of these, go to our page Prices and rates !

Promoting a Snapchat filter is like promoting a new product. Indeed, the publication of a Lens is not enough to ensure a good communication since Snapchat users must be able to know about this news. It is therefore necessary to plan stories or even influencer campaigns to communicate on it. Find all the information on the different ways to promote a filter on social networks on our dedicated page: Activations !

As for the price of a Snapchat filter, not every project takes the same amount of time to design as another. Indeed, a filter that requires the integration of 2D graphic elements, the creation time of the Lens will be less important than a filter that requires the integration of 3D elements. Generally speaking, you should allow at least 1 month from the signing of the contract to the publication of the Snapchat filter. Furthermore, in order for your filter to be published, it must first be validated by the Snapchat moderators and this may take a little longer than expected if the filter does not respect Snapchat's policy.

It's practically possible to create anything on Lens Studio, Snapchat offers very powerful augmented reality content and creativity is almost unlimited on this social network. However there are some technical limitations and here are some of them:

  • The file size should not exceed 8 MB to allow all smartphones to read it and run the filter and animations
  • Tracking specific objects or body parts
  • Integrating animations too complicated for Lens Studio software

To ensure a certain respect for each user on this social network, Snapchat has put in place a policy concerning the creation of filters. Thus, to avoid any violation of privacy or for a question of property rights, some restrictions have been established by Snapchat. Here are some of them:

  • Prohibition on the inclusion of images of weapons, drugs or sexual content
  • Prohibition to integrate images, videos, music for which you do not have the rights
  • A Lens can be deleted if users have reported it as inappropriate

A Connected Effect, also known as Connected Lens, are Snapchat filters that allow you to invite your friends and contacts to collaborate in a Connected Lens. So you can chat, interact and play with them through an effect.

To interact with a connected Lens, simply invite your friends when you launch the filter and wait for them to join you.

Lego made a community effect on Snapchat where you could build a Lego car with your friends directly on the app. To learn more about this topic, here is an article that might interest you: Lego partners with Snapchat to create a Lens Connected