Lego teams up with Snapchat to create Connected Lenses

After Local Lenses, Snapchat offers Connected Lenses

At the annual Snap Partner SummitSnapchat has announced a number of new features for augmented reality, including Connected Lenses. These are filters that allow you to interact with other Snapchatters. In a way, thanks to augmented reality, the Snapchat community will be able to live immersive experiences with others directly on the application.

This new feature allows all users to have fun together, but it also offers an advantage for brands. Indeed, because of its fun aspect and the fact that people will be able to enjoy the Lens together, Connected Lenses are bound to develop conversions and engagement with users.


The first Connected Lenses in partnership with Lego

lego connected lenses digital marketing trends

This is not Lego's first augmented reality content. Indeed, the toy brand already offers software for creating videos based on augmented reality. 

The Connected Lens presented by Lego offers users the opportunity to create a car together with the world around it. They will be able to choose the parts and colours that will make up the car and the elements that surround it. This new feature allows users to live the immersive experience with others, combining creativity and fun. 

This partnership between Snapchat and Lego allows Snapchat to showcase the quality of its Connected Lenses and Lego to offer unique content that is very different from what is available.

Thus, Snapchat remains the most innovative social network in terms of features related to augmented reality. The little ghost proves that augmented reality can be beneficial for brands and that innovation in this technology is not going to stop.