How do I search for TikTok filters?

TikTok has become the most used social network for young people and creativity is at the heart of the application. So you always have to be more imaginative than the others to gain visibility. To do this, there are hundreds of TikTok filters to personalise your video. It is sometimes complicated to find a filter that suits your video. Here's how to find these filters on the application to create a TikTok video to your taste!

Find TikTok filters directly by creating a TikTok

The first way to find a TikTok filter is simply in the video creation tools. Indeed, when you press the button to create a video, at the bottom left is the TikTok filters catalogue.


Once in the effects catalogue, you can simply browse through the filters, which are categorised, and discover all the possibilities. 

In this filter library, you also have the "Favourites" category, which contains all the filters you like. As soon as you find a TikTok filter that interests you, you just have to click on the "Save to my favourites" button. This way, as soon as you make a video, you will easily find the filters you have seen before. 

On the videos in your feed

The second way to find TikTok filters is to browse your feed and when you find a filter you like, just click on the yellow button on the video and then on the name of the filter.


A page with all the videos made with this filter to inspire you. At this point, you can try it out right away and create your own TikTok video or you can save it to your TikTok filters to use later. To do this, click on the little "Save to my favourites" icon, and you can then find it in the "Filters" option when you want to create a video!

Did you know that?

TikTok will soon give everyone the possibility to create their own TikTok filters! It's only a matter of time before brands will be able to offer content in their own image to get closer to their community! 

Indeed, to compete with other social networks, TikTok decided to launch its own filter creation software. Effect House has been in Beta version for a few months and is now available to all creators. However, it is not yet possible to create filters with a brand image. 

Effect House will allow the creation of high quality filters. Indeed, it will be possible to track the head, the hair, the hands, the fingers as well as the whole body. This will give a lot of freedom to the creators to create original effects.

We still have to wait a little while for that, but Filter Maker is already an expert since our teams had access to the Beta version before anyone else.

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