Videoconferencing & Online Stream: Creating Augmented Reality Effects

We create your filters and effects in augmented reality for your Video conferences and online stream
Video conferencing

Integrate augmented reality for internal or external communication. Available on all video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Hangout, Teams and Skype.

Online stream

Boost your online stream by adding some fantasy to your live shows. Available on all online streaming platforms to give an immersive experience. quickly.


Integrate augmented reality content for communication internal or external.

Employer Brand

Thanks to our agency specialising in the creation and distribution of augmented reality content, we can integrate any augmented reality content into your videoconferences.

Take advantage of this content to animate your meetings, it will allow your employees to interact with each other in a fun way. We notice an increase of 20% in the workshops offered by the brand internally.

It's also interesting for sales people. It allows them to display products in 3D via augmented reality. 


Integrating augmented reality filters into your video conferences has two purposes: 

Provide your sales staff with a immersive sales support (stand out from your competitors!)

Integrate AR content for your employer brand

These augmented reality filters are available on all video conferencing tools and make the meeting more immersive. This integration is possible thanks to a free and easy-to-use software that can be downloaded on Mac OS and Windows. 

Online Stream

Integrate augmented reality content on Twitch and Discord

Best Boost for Lives

Filter Maker supports video game studios and entertainment companies in providing streamers with augmented reality content related to the theme of their offering.

For example, it is possible to transform the head of the streamer by a video game character.

The reach of platforms such as Twitch or Discord is almost as great as the reach of the important than on TV channels. This content can be pushed via influence (to reach big streamers) or via UGC to reach all users.

Generated Impressions
Created for Brands
Shares in Stories


With the health crisis, video conferencing is more popular than ever. Whether for internal or external communication, integrating augmented reality in your video conferences will allow you to :

- Offer an immersive sales tool that will set you apart from your competitors,

- Integrate augmented reality content for your employer brand.

The integration of AR content on video conferences is made possible by Snap Camera. Offered by Snapchat, it is a free software available on Windows and Mac and does not require registration. Snap Camera allows you to apply a filter to your face, directly from your computer's webcam.

  • First, download and install Snap Camera on your computer.

  • Once the software is installed, open it. You will then see a live preview of your computer's webcam.

  • Finally, to apply an augmented reality filter to your webcam, simply go to the section at the bottom of the screen and select the filter of your choice.

Augmented reality content on online streams is a great way for brands to communicate, whether or not they are running a campaign. It's a great way to connect with your customers while promoting your brand or products.

Thus, they are aimed at brands or companies wishing to target an audience present on Twitch (mostly men aged 18 to 34). Augmented reality on online streams is particularly interesting for video game studios and brands looking for notoriety to seduce an influencer and his community.

It is possible to embed AR content on any online streaming platform such as Twitch or YouTube Live, as long as they accept the use of your computer's webcam or require the presence of online streaming software such as OBS Studio.

It is entirely possible to embed augmented reality content on online streaming platforms such as Twitch with Snap Camera software. Streaming on Twitch and other platforms requires the use of live streaming software. The most popular is OBS Studio, which is free and open source software available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The steps for installing and understanding the Snap Camera software are identical to those explained in the question

To find out how to use Snap Camera as a webcam on OBS Studio, we have made a detailed explanatory guide. Once you have done these steps, you will be able to integrate a filter into your online stream!

Although augmented reality in video conferencing and online content delivery has the advantage of being immersive and interactive, there are technological limitations in the hardware and interfaces used that limit the possibilities.

Indeed, augmented reality requires tracing, mapping and measuring the environments in which we find ourselves. Integrating AR content requires the use of software to understand and exploit the data transmitted by the camera or webcam.

In addition, the main limitation is that an augmented reality filter has to be developed before it can be used in video conferencing and online streaming from the Snap Camera software.

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