Where can you find an Instagram effect?

An effect Instagram can be found in various places on the application. In order to help you get to know all the possibilities we will present them to you one by one.

There are 6 methods available to you:


1. On the account profile

When visiting a profile on Instagram, it can be found in the "Effect" tab.

Simply go to the profile you are looking for and click on the stars or face icon, shown below.


2. In the effects gallery

In the location where all the filters are grouped, you can easily find yours. 

    1. Just pretend you want to take a selfie
    2. Then click once on the screen to see a banner appear at the bottom of the screen with the filter bubbles
    3. Drag all the way to the right
    4. To click on the 'magnifying glass' icon
    5. Enter the name of the filter in the search bar
    6. Click on the desired filter
    7. Click on 'Try it'.
    8. You can test and share the filter as you like now!

3. With the camera

You can simply find the filters in your camera. However, it should be noted that if you search for a particular filter that has not been used previously, it will not be offered. It is therefore better to use this technique to search for a trendy filter or to "go on an adventure" of what Instagram offers. To do this:

    • Open your camera space
    • Press the screen once
    • A banner with different bubbles representing each of the filters appeared
    • Make your choice!

4. Effect links

Recently, Instagram offered its users the possibility to share the links of the effects.

A much-awaited feature for its practicality and high potential.

Thanks to this one you just have to :

As a sender :

    • Press the name of the effect and click on the icon: "More".
    • And "Share the effect link".
    • Finally, you need to decide how you want to transfer

As a receiver, it is very simple!

    • Click on the link received
    • You will be automatically redirected to the effect

5. In a story

When viewing a story with an effect, the identity of the filter appears under the name of the posting account. Simply click on the filter identity and choose the "Try" or "Save" option that appears.

Sometimes a "swipe up" is used to redirect more easily to the filter. In this case you will simply have to slide your finger down to the top of the screen.

6. Thanks to a real

Effects can be used in real content. To retrieve a filter seen in a real it is sufficient to follow the following procedure:

    • Click on the effect visible when you go to the real: stars icon (see images below)
    • Visit the profile of the effect, you can see all the reels made with
    • Click on "Use effect" at the bottom of the screen

You too can create an Instagram filter for your brand!

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