Instagram: Sharing AR filter links is now possible!

Previously, on Instagram it was impossible to transfer the link of a filter to share it outside the platform. This is finally a thing of the past! It is now possible to share the link of a effect on Instagram without difficulty! A joy for the users of these filters, offering more possibilities and more fluidity.

How do I find the Instagram filter link?

To share an effect, simply open the filter, click on the filter name at the bottom of the screen as you would normally do to save it.

By clicking on "More" you can then "Share the effect link" and pass it on in any way you like.



What benefits?

This new feature will enrich the exchange for specialists and allow them to send ideas for inspirations of these effects directly via the links, without having to make a video screen capture.

For professional purposes, the use of the link to share the effect will be very relevant. Because it allows you to spread the filter in any way. In this way it will be possible to share the link on your website, or on your applications, documents, publications in order to generate flow and accessibility to the effect. The flexibility of sharing a link on the web is infinite, so it will be the same for the filters.

This way of working is much more engaging for web users and leads to a high trial rate.