Use cases from our clients

Find out how our clients communicate to promote their filters.

subway logo

For their 20th anniversary in France, Subway launched a major communication campaign including a filter integrated in a competition.

Category: Instagram filter


To increase the conversion rate on its lipstick collection, Yves Saint Laurent integrated an Instagram try-on filter to convince users.

Category: Instagram filter


During a joint campaign between Fitness Coach and the UFC, a filter was created to gain visibility and communicate the new partnership.

Category: Instagram filter



In order to offer an immersive catalogue on Instagram, Castorama offers several products in 3D to be tried out virtually thanks to the try-on function.

Category: Instagram filter


Pizza Hut has partnered with rapper Bosh from 17 November to 17 December 2021 with a limited edition pizza.

Category: Web AR


In order to promote their new NFT collection, the Shiba Social Club brand wanted to communicate on it by integrating filters.

Category: Instagram filter


To complete its 360 campaign "Today I feel", DKNY chose to integrate a Snapchat filter and an Instagram filter in order to reach a young target.

Category: Instagram & Snapchat filter


Prisma Media has set up a communication campaign linking physical and digital in its magazine Ça m'intéresse in order to rejuvenate the brand.

Category: Instagram filter

netflix logo - Filter Maker client

Xilam Animation is launching a new animated series Karate Sheep on Netflix. He chose to promote it with an augmented reality filter on TikTok.

Category : TikTok filter


To challenge users, Walkie Talkie came up with the idea of a roulette filter on TikTok. The aim was also to showcase the many themes available on the application.

Category : TikTok filter