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With our agency Filter Maker you can create your own customised TikTok filter in the image of your brand. Our agency will assist you in the creation of your filter. Please fill in the form below so that we can contact you.



We will contact you to find an idea that meets your objectives and requirements.



We create the necessary designs and assets (2D & 3D) for you.



We develop your filter according to the agreed specifications.



Once the filter is developed, we import it into TikTok.



TikTok is one of the most widely used social networks in the world with over 600 million monthly active users. It is the most downloaded application in the world and 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

The aim of this application is to create short videos and TikTok does not want to limit the ideas of creators. This allows brands to create content that reflects their image on the most popular social network for young people.

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TikTok offers content created solely by users. Content can be humorous, creative, artistic or informative. The free access to the TikTok filter creation software allows the brand to offer resources to users to increase the quality of the content. This way, if your effects are original, you have a good chance of share your world with users. 


With more than 1 billion users and creators per month on TikTok, don't miss your chance! Proposing a TikTok filter branded with your image allows you to increase your visibility through the virality of the content on the social network. TikTok's algorithm allows any account to be given a chance, which is a boon for brands! 

An augmented reality filter enables original branded content that creators can use and mass broadcasting on TikTok easily.


TikTok brings together a highly engaged and active community on the social network. It is a place where brands can easily communicate with their followers. A TikTok filter allows you to increase interaction with your community by launching a trend or a hashtag with your effect. 

A user will spend 5 times more time to real content than to traditional content or advertising. 


This application is the 2nd most downloaded mobile app in the world with an average time spent of 17 hours per month. This is double the time spent on Instagram and Snapchat. An opportunity offering a potential audience of 15 million users. 💡

25 million companies have already adopted TikTok, why not you?

👉🏻 90% of users go on TikTok more than once a day

👉🏻 83% of users say that TikTok played a role in their purchase decision. 

...Allowing to discover new items or brands on TikTok for 67% of them 🛒




TikTok has become the social network on which young people are very present. A brand that is visible on TikTok can therefore reach a target that is inaccessible on other channels in a fun way. Indeed, the codes and values on TikTok are different from other social networks and proposing an engaging and punchy filter allows your brand to get closer to users by proposing, for example, a challenge around the effect you have just created.

Effect House is the software for creating TikTok filters. This software requires skills in 2D/3D as well as in filter development and logic.

To create a TikTok filter, you first need to create 2D or 3D assets to integrate them into the filter. To do this, you can use software such as the Adobe suite to create qualitative 2D or 3D elements. You will then need to download Effect House, the TikTok filter creation software, to your computer. After having integrated your assets, you must then animate your filter to make it more dynamic by choosing various trackers such as the hand tracker, the head tracker etc...

When you're done, just publish it on the TikTok platform.

The price of a TikTok filter depends, as on all other social networks, on the complexity and the assets to be integrated into the filter. To give you an idea of the price range, please visit our rates and prices

Working with a TikTok filter design agency reduces the time needed to create the project, as experts will design your filter. Moreover, an agency will be at your side throughout the project to answer your questions. Finally, a TikTok filter design agency is, as the name suggests, specialised in filters. This means that you can take advantage of the agency's advice and expertise to guide you through your campaign.

On TikTok, there are many different codes and standards than on other social networks. In order to make a viral filter, it is first necessary to analyse which type of filter is the most used and shared on TikTok. Often users are hungry for filters that challenge or create a universe. To ensure that the filter has a chance of going viral, you also need to think about communicating about the filter and giving it visibility.

Creatively, you can do anything on TikTok. On a technical level, you can use hand tracking, head tracking, body tracking, and background segmentation to dynamise the TikTok filter. In addition to this, it is possible to add animations to trigger predefined actions and make the filter more dynamic (e.g. change of colour, appearance/disappearance of elements in 3D/2D, zooming etc.). 

Like all social networks that offer filters, TikTok has established guidelines for filter content. Violence, incitement to violence, alcohol, drugs and tobacco are prohibited on TikTok and therefore on TikTok filters. In terms of technical capacity, the filter file should not exceed 5MB and should not take more than 4 seconds to load. 

The time it takes to create a filter depends on the complexity of the filter and the creation of the assets. It can therefore take between 2 days and 1 month, including feedback from our customers. There is also the time it takes for your filter to be accepted by the TikTok moderators, which can be a few hours or a few days. If the filter is accepted, it will be published immediately, if not, it will be necessary to modify the filter and make the request again. This is why it is important to respect the conditions and policies of the social network from the start, so that there are no surprises.


A TikTok filter is an important lever to boost your brand's presence on the social network. Going through a agency specialising in TikTok filters is essential to help you create a project that will work. Indeed, not all filters are intended to buzz on TikTok, so you need to think about a relevant activation and a style of filter that will suit your objectives to be sure of its virality. The role of the agency is tosupporting brands in all this thinking. 

In addition, the production of the TikTok filter requires specific software and a lot of technical skills. The first step is to create the 2D and 3D assets and integrate them into the software to animate them and create interactions. The TikTok filter creation software, Effect House, is an augmented reality tool that requires lots of practice time to achieve an effect. This is why it can be complicated to do this project in-house, as the people responsible for the creation will spend too much time.

At Filter Maker we work with 75% of our customers in the long term. It is very rare for us to produce only one filter for our customers and this demonstrates that we are not only producing one filter, but that we are also producing one filter. the relevance of our expertise to create TikTok filters.

Finally, we systematically propose regular reporting on the performance of your TikTok filters in order to help you understand andanalyse the statistics..


When choosing an agency to create a TikTok filter, you should look at several criteria :

The budget for your project : Depending on internal costs, team size and premises, some agencies do not work under a certain budget.

The agency's portfolio : Depending on the complexity of the TikTok filter you want to create, some agencies will have more experience and expertise. Indeed, if the filter requires particular technical skills or if your communication campaign is ambitious, it is advisable to go through an experienced agency. This is the case at Filter Maker as we are the leading agency in terms of TikTok filter creation and we work with major international brands. 

Technical expertise : Many traditional agencies outsource the creation of filters to agencies like ours. This is because they don't usually have the expertise in-house or the time. So we work with big brands directly but also with big agencies.