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We Create your Augmented Reality Filters and Effects

Filter Maker is a digital communication agency specialized in creating and distributing augmented reality content. Boost your brand awareness and visibility by leveraging your community and customers as brand advocates. We can integrate filters on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, as well as on your mobile applications or website (Web AR).

Our Support

1 - Objectives

2 - Creation

3 - Launching 

4 - Debrief

Filter Maker accompanies you in the creation and distribution of your Augmented Reality filters & Effects. We offer you a briefing based on the objective of your campaign and produce the highest quality content. Once the filter is produced, we assist you in distributing the effects to optimize the reach of your Augmented Reality filters. We debrief together on the statistics at the end of the campaign to offer you even more effective content.


Filter Maker accompanies the largest brands and agencies worldwide in their communication goals by creating all types of Augmented Reality content.

The different Supports for Augmented Reality

Social Media

Integrate your augmented reality content through our agency on your social networks. We can implement filters on TikTok, Instagram, or even Snapchat. The platforms where users spend the most time are social networks. Since 2019, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have been offering agencies the opportunity to create augmented reality content for brands.

Increase of UGC

AR Content on Social Media allows brands to generate UGC (User Generated Content). This means that their community will use the augmented reality content and share it on their own social media platforms. Users thus appropriate brand content within their own community.

For different marketing objectives

Filter Maker assists brands based on their needs. Conversion, Brand content, Specific activation, drive to store? Our expertise allows us to work with our clients to envision the right content with a proper distribution plan.

Proven expertise

After more than two years of collaboration with major brands: Mc Donalds, Ford, Subway, TF1, JO 2024, Fitness Park, etc. We bring our augmented reality expertise to support our clients in various sectors. Tourism, Events, Retail, Sports, Media, etc.
Generated Impressions
Created for Brands
Shares in Stories

Web & Mobile Application

Propose an immersive augmented reality experience to your clients by integrating it directly through a script, a link, or even in a mobile application. Our agency takes care of everything.

Easy integration

Filter Maker is an agency that develops and integrates augmented reality content on websites or mobile applications. For websites, this allows users to experience AR content without the need to download any additional applications. Simply click a button to display the content in their own environment. It's a highly effective solution to remove frictions (app size, compatibility, etc.) and increase conversions on specific product types by up to 30%.

At the top of innovation

We have different technologies for different purposes. The AR Kit and the AR Core mainly used to display products in 3D in the user's environment. (Furnishing, virtual fitting, etc.). Technologies such as 8thWall allow us to offer immersive and entertaining content allowing users to interact with the content in augmented reality. Our agency is at the cutting edge of new technologies, so don't hesitate to contact us to see the feasibility of your project.
+ 30%
Increased conversion
More time on the platform
+ 20%
Interaction with your content

Videoconferencing & Online Stream

As part of development for internal or external communication, we can create augmented reality content for your video conferences or online streams.

Windows & Mac

Our agency was the first to offer brands augmented reality content specifically designed for desktop usage. We can now integrate AR content directly on Snap Camera, which is software available on Windows and Mac.

Employer Brand

This software allows us to offer agency clients the integration of augmented reality content into their video conferences. The objectives are varied, but generally it is used in a Employer Branding perspective.

For Streamers

Moreover, the possibility to integrate content into online streams (Twitch and Discord) opens up opportunities for brands, particularly game studios and video games, to provide unique content that directly generates User Generated Content (UGC).

Notre Expertise en Réalité Augmentée


About Filter Maker

FilterMaker is an agency based in France, specifically in La Rochelle, specializing in the creation and distribution of Augmented Reality content. Particularly, we focus on Filters for Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Today, the agency has a team of about ten permanent employees and works with the biggest brands and agencies worldwide. We are a Snap AR Partner.

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is the software used to create Snapchat filters. Filter Maker is an official partner of Snapchat, which gives our teams access to resources ahead of others. Our teams are experts in Lens Studio and can create all types of Snapchat filters.

Meta Spark

Meta Spark is Meta's software that allows creating AR experiences for Instagram and Facebook. Our experts have already developed over 300 filters on Meta Spark since the beginning of Filter Maker. We have access to the beta version of Meta Spark, enabling us to quickly discover new features.

Effect House

Effect House is the filter creation software for TikTok. For a few months, only select creators had access to the beta version of this software, and our experts were among them. Therefore, despite the young age of Effect House, we are capable of developing any desired TikTok filters for our clients.

Web AR

Web AR involves creating an augmented reality experience using specific software. This allows for projecting 3D objects into a real environment and offering try-on products from your catalog. Our teams have worked on hundreds of Web AR projects for e-commerce clients.


We are an agency specializing in the creation and distribution of augmented reality content. We help brands boost their visibility on social media through filters for Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. We develop augmented reality content for the web and mobile applications (Web AR), and we also have the ability to create AR content for video conferences and online streaming.

We work with two types of clients:

- Direct clients: 80% of our client base consists of direct brands. We collaborate with major international brands such as Starbucks, McDonald's, Subway, etc. We cater to various sectors including Tourism, Retail, Food, Media, Gaming, etc.

- Agencies: Most traditional communication agencies do not have in-house expertise in augmented reality. We partner with numerous agencies such as Publicis, Havas, TBWA, etc., to produce augmented reality content for their clients. We can work transparently or even under white label arrangements.

Discover our portfolio

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows virtual content to be overlaid onto the real environment to create an immersive experience. AR content can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, computers, and also with dedicated AR glasses. Augmented Reality is now used for various purposes, such as in industries, healthcare, and for marketing and communication purposes.

Campaigns incorporating augmented reality content can have different objectives:

- Promote something: Whether it's to develop brand awareness (brand content) or for a specific activation (e.g., promoting a product launch, employer branding, event, etc.), integrating augmented reality content into communication campaigns helps create a higher level of engagement compared to traditional content.
- Increase conversion: Augmented reality is an extremely powerful solution to increase conversion in product sales. By displaying products in the customers' environment or even on themselves (possible solution on social media), it can increase website conversion rates by up to 30%.
- Drive-to-store action: Immersive content is highly engaging and sought after by users. Therefore, it is possible to integrate drive-to-store campaigns through promotions or contests.

One of the features of augmented reality is the ability to display products in a virtual environment. For example, I can display a sofa in my living room with the right dimensions and desired colors with just a click on my phone. This allows users to visualize their purchase decisions more concretely, thereby increasing conversion rates on e-commerce websites. It is possible to integrate augmented reality products into one's environment or on one's face through web AR and social media platforms. However, certain social media platforms have additional functionalities, such as foot or hand detection, which allows, for example, displaying a shoe in augmented reality directly on the user's feet. Want to learn more about increasing conversion rates?

There are several reasons why it is necessary to go through an AR agency:

- The empirical vision to judge the quality of the campaign: Prior to the campaign, it is often necessary to consider its objective. Some augmented reality effects may appear very popular, but they are not widely used. Thus, an agency can provide you with the necessary perspective to optimize the campaign. - The complexity of development: Developing AR content requires different expertise, including 3D modeling, and subsequently, familiarity with various augmented reality software (Spark AR, Lens Studio, 8th Wall, etc.) - Turnkey solution: An agency can provide you with weekly reports on the statistics of your augmented reality effects. Having a contact person to understand the terms and leverage is invaluable. - Not every agency is necessarily competent in this area, so a web agency (specialized in creating showcase websites, SEO, AdWords, WordPress, mailing) may not have the expertise compared to an augmented reality studio.

There are different parameters to consider to determine the cost of an augmented reality effect. First, the platform on which it should be deployed, for web AR there are platforms like 8th Wall that, in addition to effect production, will charge costs per impressions. AR software on social media platforms (Spark AR and Lens Studio) are open source and allow for free content distribution. Thus, the only cost will be the production of the effect and, if desired by the brand, non-organic activations (influence, ads).

The production price of filters on social media or in Web AR varies depending on the service and the complexity of effect development. We have created a page to explain the price and rates of filters on social media.

It is possible to integrate augmented reality content on several media:

- Les smartphones / Tablettes: By using social media platforms, it is possible to integrate augmented reality content. The applications that allow this are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok through the famous Filters / Lens available on their platforms. It is also possible to integrate AR content on phones without downloading any applications using Web AR. Web AR can be created using applications like 8th Wall or natively using AR Kit or AR Core. - Les ordinateurs: It is possible to integrate augmented reality content using computer cameras using software such as Snap Camera. With this software, all the filters available in the Snapchat community and created with Lens Studio can be used in video conferences and online streams. - Les lunettes de réalité augmentée: Currently, there are no open-source software options to develop augmented reality effects for glasses. Their usage is still limited, and the demand is not significant enough. Platforms like Facebook and Snapchat will likely make their software, Spark AR and Lens Studio, compatible with glasses in the future.

Production time varies depending on the content to be produced: production of assets, AR integrations, optimisation, etc. The platforms on which the content is produced, as some have moderation deadlines (for example on Instagram, this can take up to 5 days). If you have a project, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us your deadlines on our quote page.
If you have any questions or would like to join us, please send an email to bonjour@filtermaker.io If you have a project, you can contact us directly via this form. We'll be back to you in a few minutes.
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