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Filter Maker is a communication agency specialising in the creation and distribution of augmented reality content. Increase your brand awareness by using your community and your customers as influencers for your brand. We can integrate filters on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat but also on your mobile applications or your website (Web AR).



Integrate your augmented reality content with our agency on your social media. We can integrate filters on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Filter Maker offers content in augmented reality on many of media. The supports where users are currently using it the most are social networks. Since mid 2019, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have been offering agencies the opportunity to create augmented reality content for brands.

AR content on social networks allows brands to generate UGC (user generated content). This means that their community will use the augmented reality content and share it on their own social networks. Users therefore appropriate the brands' content to their own community.

Filter Maker helps brands according to their needs. Conversion, Brand content, Specific activation, Drive to store? Our expertise allows us to work with our clients to find the right content with a good distribution plan.

After more than two years of working with the biggest brands: Mc Donalds, Ford, Subway, TF1, Olympic Games 2024, Fitness Park, etc., we are now able to offer our expertise to our clients in all sectors. We bring our expertise in augmented reality to support our clients in all sectors. Tourism, Event, Retail, Sports, Media, etc.


Offer to your customers an immersive augmented reality experience by integrating it directly via a script, a link or even in a mobile application. Our agency takes care of everything.

Filter Maker is an agency that develops and integrates augmented reality content on websites or mobile applications. For websites, this allows users to use AR content without having to download any application. Users simply click on a button to display the content in their own environment. This is a very effective solution for removing friction (application weight, compatibility, etc.) and increase the conversion on certain product types to 30%.

We have different technologies for different purposes. TheAR Kit and the AR Core mainly used to display products in 3D in the environment  of the user. (Furnishing, virtual fitting, etc.). Technologies such as 8thWall allow us to offer immersive and entertaining content allowing users to interact with the content in augmented reality.

Our agency is at the forefront of new technologies, so don't hesitate to contact us to see the feasibility of your project.


As part of a development for internal or external communication, we can create augmented reality content for your videoconferences or online streams.

Our agency was the first to offer brands augmented reality content dedicated to desktop use. We can now integrate AR content directly into Snap Camera, which is a software program available for Windows and Mac.

This software allows us to offer the agency's clients the possibility of integrating augmented reality content into their videoconferences. The objectives are multiple, but generally many use it in an Employer Brand logic.

Also, the possibility of integrating content on online streams (Twitch and Discord) opens up the possibility for brands, in particular studios and video games, to provide differentiating content that directly generates UGC (User Generated Content)

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Filter Maker will meet with you for a first briefing to determine your objectives and the possible activations that can be promoted by our augmented reality content


Following your recommendations, Filter Maker will brief its creative teams to conceptualise your filter in augmented reality and present you with the filter's mechanics and design


Once the filter is created, Filtermaker will assist you in launching the filter through Spark AR Hub or Lens Studio depending on the platform you choose


After the filter is broadcast, we have access to its statistics. In a final call, the Filter Maker team will discuss the insights provided by the augmented reality filter and the potential levers to identify for future creations




We work with various augmented reality editing software. This allows us to offer our clients filters/effects on the different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) and also to integrate them directly on our clients' websites.


We have the skills to meet all your requirements, even the most complex. We can propose designs that will be original creations but also reproduce existing elements with great 3D precision. Texturing and modelling included.



We animate the 2D / 3D elements we have designed. This allows us to create fun animations that will generate virality and excitement among users. The possibilities of animations on your effects are endless. We regularly work with leading illustrators.

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We come back to you regularly with the statistics of the filters / effects we have created for you. The insights are: impressions, opens, captures and shares. This real-time data allows you to easily calculate your ROI.


We are an augmented reality content creation and distribution agency, we help brands boost their visibility on social networks thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or TikTok filters, we develop augmented reality content on the Web and mobile applications (Web AR) and we are also able to create AR content on video conferences and online streams. 

We are based in La Rochelle and Paris and have a team of AR developers, 3D modellers, Project Managers and Customer Success Managers. 

Would you like to know more? Go to our dedicated page. 

We work with two types of clients: 

- Direct customers: 80% of our customer base are direct brands. We work with major international brands such as Starbucks, Mc Donalds, Subway, etc. Our clients include all sectors of activity: Tourism, Retail, Food, Media, Gaming etc.

- Agencies: Most traditional communication agencies do not have in-house expertise in augmented reality. We work with many agencies such as Publicis, Havas, TBWA, etc. to produce augmented reality content for their clients. We can work seamlessly, but also in white label.

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Augmented reality is a technology that allows virtual content to be overlaid on a real environment to create an immersive experience. It is possible to watch AR content on your smartphone, tablet, computer, but also with glasses dedicated to this activity. Augmented reality is used today for different purposes: For example: industry, health or for marketing and communication purposes. 

If you want to know more about augmented reality : Go to our dedicated page 

Campaigns incorporating augmented reality content can have different objectives: 

- Promote something Whether it is to develop brand awareness (brand content) or for a specific activation (e.g. to promote the release of a product/employer brand/event),  etc.) the integration of augmented reality content into communications campaigns creates greater engagement than traditional content. 

- Increase conversion : Augmented reality is a very powerful solution to increase the conversion of your products. By displaying products in the environment of customers or even on themselves (possible solution on social networks). This can increase the conversion on your website up to 30 %. 

- Carry out a drive to store action Immersive content is highly engaging and in demand by users. This is why it is possible to integrate drive to store campaigns via promotions or competition games.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two terms that are often confused. The principle of virtual reality is to create an immersive experience by using virtual reality glasses to modify the user's entire environment. Thus users find themselves in an environment that has no connection with their real environment. Augmented reality aggregates virtual elements in the real world. The objective of AR is to superimpose virtual elements on the real world. The media can be smartphones or tablets. Read our dedicated article

One of the functionalities of augmented reality is the ability to display products in one's environment in a virtual way. For example, I can display a sofa in my living room in the right dimensions and colours with one click of my phone. This allows users to project themselves more concretely in their purchasing decisions and therefore increase conversion on the merchant site. It is possible to integrate augmented reality products in one's environment or on one's face thanks to web AR and social networks. But some social networks have certain additional features, such as foot or hand detection. This makes it possible to display, for example, an augmented reality shoe directly on those feet. Want to know more about augmented conversion? Check out our page. 

There are several reasons why it is necessary to go through an AR agency: 

- The empirical view to judge the quality of the campaign: Before the campaign is launched, it is often necessary to think about its objective. Some augmented reality effects may seem very popular, whereas they are not widely used. An agency will be able to give you the necessary hindsight to optimise the campaign.

- The complexity of development: To develop AR content, it requires different expertise, whether in 3D modelling, and subsequently you need to be familiar with all the augmented reality software (Spark AR, Lens Studio, 8th Wall etc.)

- Turnkey solution: An agency will be able to produce weekly reports on the statistics of your augmented reality effects. Having a contact person to understand the terms and leverage effects is valuable.

If you would like to know more about this topic, we have written about it.

There are different parameters to take into account to know how much an augmented reality effect costs. First of all, the platform on which it is to be broadcast, for the web AR there are for example platforms like 8th Wall which in addition to the production of the effect will charge  costs per impression. AR software on social networks (Spark AR and Lens studio) are open source and allow the content to be distributed free of charge. Thus the only cost will be the production of the effect and if the brand wishes it activations non-organic (Influence, Ads). 

The price of producing filters on social networks or in Web AR varies according to the service and the complexity of developing the effect. We have created a page to explain the price and tariff of filters on social networks.

It is possible to integrate augmented reality content on several media: 

- Smartphones / Tablets : Using social networks, it is possible to integrate augmented reality content. The applications that allow this are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok via the famous Filters / Lens available on their platform. It is also possible to integrate AR content on phones without downloading applications by using Web AR. The AR web will be able to be created via applications such as 8th Wall or natively via the AR Kit or AR Core.

- Computers: It is possible to integrate augmented reality content via computer cameras using software such as Snap Camera. With this software, all the filters available in the community on Snapchat and created by Lens Studio will be usable on video conferences and online streams. 

- Augmented reality glasses: There is currently no open source software to develop augmented reality effects on glasses. Their use is still limited and the need is not great enough. Platforms like Facebook and Snapchat will probably make their software available to the public. Spark AR and Lens Studio compatible with glasses.

UGC is an acronym for "user generated content". It is the fact of using one's community to promote one's own brand content. Historically, contests on social networks or the mechanics were to comment on friends or share content to promote one's own. Now, filters on social networks are the only content that is organically viral and generates UGC. When a user uses a filter on Instagram, for example, he or she will appropriate and share the brand's content with their own community. This is a very powerful lever to use the user as an ambassador.

The production time fluctuates depending on the content to be produced: Production of assets, AR integrations, optimisation, etc. The platforms on which the content is produced, as some have moderation times (e.g. on Instagram, this can take up to 5 days).

If you have a project, do not hesitate to contact us by indicating your deadlines on our quote page.

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