The immersive experience, a digital strategy that proves its worth

immersive experience

What is an immersive experience?

Immersive experience is the combination of the cognitive, affective and conative aspects of a person through the implementation of an experience.

In order to understand what this term means, we will define the following three words: cognitive, affective and conative

The term cognitive means that the user will keep a trace, a memory in his mind. The affective aspect allows to reflect an image that is accurate and positive to the person. Finally, the conative aspect is the fact of make the person want to own or experience something who lives this experience.

The immersive experience brings together these three categories of sensation/emotion that the person living this experience will be able to feel. We can therefore obviously speak ofimmersion of the consumer in the universe that the brand wants to transmit and share. As you will have understood, the aim of this experience is not to directly promote a product by presenting it directly, but rather to create a universe, a story around this product or the brand.

Of course, the immersive experience can be created through different technologies such as virtual reality but especially augmented reality. Indeed, since AR is available on different media and only requires a smartphone or tablet to be used, it is virtually accessible to all and free of charge.


Why does this experience appeal so much?

In addition to the scientific aspect that we discussed above, there are 4 characteristics that help explain and understand the attractiveness of augmented reality content.


This means thata relationship has been created between the user and one or more elementsHere we can very quickly say that there are two simultaneous interactions, the first is the interaction with the medium, here the smartphone, and the interaction with the content.


It is the fact that users, through interaction with content, can choose whether or not to continue the experiment. That is, most people have chose to launch the experiment and can develop it at their own pace.


To define this term, here is a brief description of what it means. It is the fact ofbeing focused and in a bubble about an experience or something. So a person who is absorbed in something may not be able to pay attention to what is going on outside from its bubble.

Relationship with the brand

The purpose of this content is to create a link with users and spread the atmosphere and universe of the brand. By offering AR content, the company is taking the decision to get closer to its community and to offer them highly entertaining content. Thus, by having this type of experience, people associate the brand with something positive or negative depending on whether they are satisfied with the interaction they have experienced.

As you will have realised, a brand offering augmented reality content is actually offering users an immersive experience, and sharing their experience with others. the brand universe in a fun, interactive way. It's a way of getting closer to your community without being intrusive, because it's the person who controls the content and discovers it at their own pace.