The EDF Snapchat filter on energy saving: a successful campaign

You've probably seen it in sponsored lenses on Snapchat, the Snapchat filter EDF's campaign to raise young people's awareness of the need to save energy was a big hit on the social network.

EDF's Snapchat filter wins Grand Prix for Digital Marketing

The digital campaign proposed by EDF and produced by the Havas Media agency won theGold at the Digital Marketing Grand Prix, Twelfth Night 2023 in the Social & Influence - Experience category.

The Lens sponsored was launched in December 2022 and ended in January 2023. The choice of platform was quickly made, since a single social network makes it possible to combine a wide audience and augmented reality experiences Snapchat. Indeed, Snapchat is the pioneering social network in the immersive experiences which integrates augmented reality and offers brands the opportunity to publish high-quality and precise Snapchat filters. What's more, the site attracts more than 27 million unique visitors a month, and practically 70% of users use Snapchat filters every day to send photos and videos to their contacts.

This campaign focused on the EDF Snapchat filter avait pour but de toucher une cible plus jeune (18-35 ans) qui est moins réceptive aux campagnes traditionnelles que l’on peut voir sur les autres réseaux sociaux et à la télé. En proposant un filtre Snapchat, EDF a pu allier le fun and immersive that this type of content offers to create a unique and effective experience for young users.

" It is essential for Havas Media to create the best media experiences for each of EDF's target audiences. By choosing the right partner and combining education with experience, we were able to successfully raise awareness of sobriety among 18-35 year olds, a target group that is often less receptive to traditional campaigns. "Charline Isson, Consulting Director at Havas Media


The impressive performance of EDF's Snapchat filter

edf snapchat filter details

The Snapchat filter consisted of a virtual environment similar to a room in a house or flat in which users could discover 5 easy steps they could take to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis.

The results were very satisfactory for EDF : 

  • 22.8 million uses Snapchat EDF filter
  • 7 million impressions
  • 200,000 shares the Snapchat EDF filter (video & photo)
  • 30 seconds of time spent on average per user

This type of result is possible thanks to Snapchat filters
without a huge advertising budget. This content is much appreciated by users, who see it as original and original. a tool for creating unique photos and videos. The side immersive Snapchat filters can also be used to share a brand's values and universe without annoying users with traditional advertising.

Our Filter Maker agency has already produced hundreds of filters on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok for brands from all over the world. If you would like to integrating an augmented reality filter in your next campaign or would like to find out more, contact us!