Advertising in augmented reality is more immersive than traditional advertising

To support augmented reality advertising offers on Snapchatthe social network conducted an international consumer survey to analyse the quality of a immersive experience depending on the type of content offered.

What is an immersive experience?

To characterise a immersive experienceThe first thing to focus on is the science of the brain. An immersive experience combines the cognitive, affective and conative aspects of the brain. This means that when a person is immersed, they are focused on the experience, emotionally engaged and their memory is actively receiving information. 

An immersive experience can be achieved through various technologies whose augmented reality which is becoming more and more important in the advertising on social networks.


Study shows success of augmented reality advertising

In this study, consumers were asked to watch and listen to 350 different advertisements (TV, cinema, music, games, sports and AR) in a randomised fashion. 

To measure the level ofimmersion A watch was used to monitor the heart rate of the person to see if the person was in an immersive state. The immersion level scale was from 0 to 100 and it mapped each heart rate change of a person.

According to the results and analysis, the study clearly shows that augmented reality is an immersive experience because it captivates users and provides them with much more pronounced emotions. To give an idea, the immersive index for an AR ad available on the platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat) is 48 on average. For other traditional ads, the immersion index is 45 on average.

To explain why more immersive advertising is important for brands, remember that immersion allows a person to remember more easily experience and is therefore more likely to become a member of the customer of a brand. It is therefore important for companies to invest in advertising with augmented reality content.


Longer attention spans thanks to AR content

In addition to highlighting the increased immersion in an augmented reality ad, another very interesting point emerged from this study. Indeed, whereas traditional advertising captivates consumers in a non-regular way, augmented reality allows to maintain high emotional engagement and attention throughout the ad. This makes it more impactful and easier for the memory to retain the immersive experience.


Immersive advertising: Snapchat stands out from other social networks

According to the study, Snapchat is the social network that offers the best immersive experience for users. Indeed, the Immersion Index score was 73 on Snapchat, while for other AR experiences on other social networks it was 43.

This can be explained by the high technology that Snapchat has developed on its app for augmented reality. There are many features that set Snapchat apart from its competitors and they are always way ahead of the curve in terms of augmented reality updates.

Thus, it allows to offer a qualitative and interesting immersive experience for brands. Moreover, recently, the try-on feature on Snapchat has evolved and allows a CTA to be added to go directly to the merchant's website. In addition to offering immersive content, the brand can quickly encourage users to buy the product in question.

To conclude, it is therefore important for brands to offer augmented reality content. This technology is an important lever that continues to prove its worth in marketing. Contact one of our experts to find out more!