Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Linkedin now have billions of users worldwide. As a business, it's important to have a presence on social networks. It gives you greater visibility with your target audience and helps you find new customers! However, if you want to communicate effectively on these platforms, you need to adapt your social media strategy according to the medium you choose. Each application has its own speciality, target audience and trends. Choosing the right platform for your communication also depends on your business, your objectives, your target audience and content you want to share. Filter Maker gives you some tips and key figures for a successful communication campaign on these digital tools that will ensure your brand image.

Facebook: the oldest social network with a wide target audience

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Facebook remains the oldest of the social networks. This gives it the widest possible target audience, although it should be noted that the application is losing value with young people, who are more present on networks such as Instagram and Snapchat.

However, it offers companies the opportunity tointeract with their customers and let them have their say about your products and services. It also allows you toorganise private events within a community, and get them to share their views on surveys.

What's more, Facebook was also the first social network to offer different emoticons in the "likes" bar to nuance and diversify user opinion.

Facebook has also won over its users with its marketplace  and private group. For most people, Facebook is used for information purposes or as a means of communicating through Messenger. For businesses, you need to know how to play with its various features and exploit them to 100%.

Even though Facebook is losing popularity among younger users, it remains a key player in the major dominant social network this type of sector. It is therefore essential to have company page on Facebook because it will be able to reach a large number of users with a wide and differentiated audience and reach as many people as possible.

Instagram: the trendy social network for young people

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Bought by Facebook, Instagram has seen exponential growth recently, offering many brands the opportunity to share their visual content in the form of short videos or photos. A powerful marketing tool that is reaching more and more users.

As a company, this tool can help you to build or expand your business. consolidate your brand imageSo it's important to share the right digital content to create a visual identity in line with what Instagram is all about. In other words, digital content with a focus on photography and visuals that are at the cutting edge of trends. 

However, with instagram, you still have to be careful not to fall into oblivion, because there are so many accounts on the platform. That's why you need to have a good content strategy to find out stand out from the crowd in an intelligent and out of the ordinary

Through various updates, Instagram offers new tools to keep a certain link with the user and develop brand awareness. This is notably the case with the appearance of Real, story or filters.

From a customer point of view: Instagram is more in tune with a BtoC target. Indeed, the presence of influencers represents an advantage for brands with a BtoC clientele, thanks to the partnership possibilities and the Instagram shop platform.

If your target audience is more BtoB, we advise you to turn to Linkedin, which will allow you to develop a professional network.

Instagram has a fairly young user base, with the vast majority under 35 and living in suburbs or cities. This platform therefore responds to a fairly young, trendy target group with the latest trends by logging on to the app several times. But on Instagram, the important thing is to adapt your strategy according to the visibility you want, to follow trends and be active. Having an Instagram account as a business is still a tool that should be developed, as it's a social network with a strong influence for businesses with a strong visual identity and a target audience that tends to be young and keen to try something new.


Snapchat: the ephemeral social network for teenagers

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It currently has millions of users, Snapchat has made a name for itself with its concept of sharing instant photos and videos. Among its users, it is young teenagers who use it the most. A platform that has become more segmented and targeted is the federator of the story and filter principle.

In fact, that's Snapchat's strength. More than 60% of the Snaps sent every day are retouched thanks to the many creative photo and video editing tools. As a result, more thanone billion Snaps opened every day contain filters. And more than a third of daily active users play with Lenses (animated filters).

The typical target on Snapchat is therefore essentially a fairly young population. young people who like the ephemeral, fun concept of the social network and the notion of the "moment". To be able to communicate on this type of platform, make Snapchat's codes your own, while also bearing in mind the "quirky" aspect of the social network.

Snapchatters like short, instant content that will make an instant impression. For your Snap Ads, take advantage of the full screen to broadcast quality ads in video, GIF or Cinemagraph format. For your Stories, take advantage of all the creative tools offered by Snapchat. The aim is to create interaction with your community by, for example, launching games in your Stories

As a company, you can use these tools to create a real community around your brand while remaining consistent with your image. Nevertheless, with Snapchat, you need to define your target's preferences and your communication objectives beforehand so as not to forget the temporary principle of the application and thus send the appropriate message to the right person at the ideal moment in order to capture their full attention.


As you can see, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, it is important to use your communication media according to your target and your objectives.

More trendy communication will be shared on Instagram, factual information communication on Facebook, and some more temporary and creative things will be shared on Snapchat.

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