Social networks are constantly evolving and offering ever more interesting features for brands. This is the case of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook which have made their filter creation tool accessible to all. One can therefore find several types of filter in augmented reality to engage its community.

The animation side

Face animation allows the user to be transformed into a desired world, to integrate 2D/3D elements on his face/head or to transform his face as desired.

You can therefore integrate objects on the user's head such as accessories or distort their face to create a funny effect with your community.


3D product visualization

3D product visualisation simply allows objects to appear in augmented reality. With this feature, brands can offer a filter of one of their products that appears on smartphone screens.

Augmented reality games

AR games are designed using an algorithm and can be operated with simple head movements, such as blinking. There are many possibilities for AR games and this allows brands to offer an original and creative filter.

Immersive packaging

Immersive packaging brings your packaging to life through image recognition. The algorithm detects the image of the packaging and triggers an animation that appears directly on the smartphone screen.

Engage your community and increase awareness with an augmented reality filter

Creating a filter is a lever that should not be underestimated, on the contrary, it can be much more effective than sponsored advertising.

Indeed, because of its simplicity and its fun or aesthetic aspect, a filter makes the brand more accessible to consumers who will feel closer to it. Filter users then become influencers of your brand and the use of filters in stories can, for example, make you known to new people very quickly.
Moreover, a filter can go viral very quickly, so you need to think carefully about what you want to do without denigrating certain aspects so as not to miss your chance.

Promoting your products with augmented reality

With the ability to view products in 3D, you can also promote a new product or a flagship product of your brand. The user of this filter will be able to "test" a new pair of glasses with animations around him and will be able to see that they fit him very well for example.

It is also possible to target or retarget your customers with attractive content that will ultimately increase your conversion rate.