Top 5 filters for the Black Friday

Black Friday is an important event for brands. Indeed, it is a time when most of the world is looking for good opportunities and to buy a maximum of products. Thus, it is very important for brands to stand out on this day in order to reach their objectives. Social media filters are an effective lever to reach a large target audience on social media. To give you some ideas, we have listed 5 filters launched on the occasion of Black Friday.

1. My protein

My protein is a leading international sports nutrition brand. For Black Friday, it launched an immersive filter on Instagram that takes users on a journey through a virtual world with the goal of hunting emojis along a path. This type of filter allows you to engage your community and keep them in your world for a long time, during an augmented reality game.


2. CCC Shoes & Bags

CCC Shoes is a fashion brand created in Poland. It offers high-end shoes and bags for sale in more than 20 different countries. For their Black Friday communication campaign, CCC Shoes decided to link the physical with the digital. Indeed, the aim was to make their advertising poster dynamic thanks to a filter that projected a 3D shoe with a promotional code. Another Instagram filter was also created with a specific image recognition. This idea is very ingenious as it allows to enhance specific locations and make the experience immersive and unique.

3. Boohoo Man

Boohoo is an international online clothing retailer. On the occasion of Black Friday, it made an Instagram filter for its brand Boohoo Man to give away prizes. This filter is a filter wheel which randomly displays a prize to be won in the competition organised by Boohoo Man.

4. Adidas Corporate

The Instagram account of Adidas Russia corporate has made a filter for Black Friday. This filter aims to increase and improve the brand's awareness among potential talents who would like to join them. It is a filter that offers face animation with a halo effect on the face and a 3D animation.

5. Baemin VN

Baemin is a young South Korean food delivery company. To boost its communication campaign on Black Friday, it has created a filter wheel with a promotional code that is displayed when people use the filter. This allows the brand to track the people who have used the filter and who have ordered on their platform with the promo code.