Fittingbox acquires Ditto: A New Era for Virtual Eyewear Fittings

In the dynamic world of optical technology, a recent announcement marked a significant turning point: Fittingbox, the French pioneer of virtual eyewear fitting, has acquired Ditto Technologies, Inc, a subsidiary of the American company Luna Solutions, LLC. This strategic transaction strengthens Fittinbox as the undisputed leader invirtual fitting and the digitisation of glasses, while consolidating the largest database of 3D glasses in the world.

Innovation at the Heart of Acquisition

fittingbox rachete ditto

Since its creation in 2006, Fittingbox has revolutionised the optical sector with its 'virtual mirror', enabling consumers to try on glasses in real time via a screen. The addition of Ditto to its portfolio not only broadens its offering, but also increases its capacity for technological innovation tenfold. With a portfolio enriched by 25 patents, including those acquired via Ditto, Fittingbox is committed to continuing to invest in R&D to push back the boundaries of artificial intelligence and computer vision.


A Merger to Benefit Expansion and Diversification

The acquisition of Ditto is not only a merger of technologies, but also a strategic union of markets. It strengthens Fittingbox's presence in North America, a key market in addition to Europe and Japan. Luna's parent company, CNT Holdings, joins the Fittingbox shareholding and brings a global perspective to the Board of Directors, which already includes influential members such as the Fielmann Group and JINS.

A promising future for Fittingbox and its customers

This acquisition is a first for Fittingbox and represents a major milestone in its entrepreneurial history. By integrating Ditto, a once respected competitor, Fittingbox has a unique opportunity to enhance its product and service offering for the benefit of its international customer base. With over 155,000 pairs of 3D glasses and more than 4,000 corporate customers, Fittingbox is committed to delivering the most realistic digital experiences in the optical industry.

A Visionary Future for Virtual Fitting

Fittingbox's acquisition of Ditto is more than a business transaction; it is the fusion of two innovative visions that promises to transform the eyewear shopping experience. By joining forces, Fittingbox is set to redefine the virtual fitting experience and deliver an unprecedented user experience, ushering in a new era for the optical industry.