Meta's Segment Anything Model: revolutionary new artificial intelligence

Meta has announced the release of its new artificial intelligence: Segment Anything Model (SAM). This AI can recognise every object and mask in an image or video, and could revolutionise many sectors. Find out everything you need to know in this article.

What is Meta's Segment Anything Model?

SAM is an artificial intelligence developed by the Meta group. It has been trained to segment any image or video it sees. In simple terms, it can detect all the planes, reliefs and objects in a photo or video. On paper, this may not seem very interesting, since many photo software packages can already recognise the various masks in a photo (Photoshop, Canva, etc.). However, SAM is actually a major advance, as it can recognise every detail of the content directly and very precisely.

segment anything model of meta, the new artificial intelligence

Meta's Segment Anything artificial intelligence is not, however, a multimedia AI like Mid Journey. In fact, its aim is not to offer an editing tool for photos and videos, but rather to offer an analysis and detection tool that could be used in a wide range of fields.

To give you a clear idea of SAM's performance, Meta has posted an AI demo where you can test Segment Anything Model with images and photos.

Meta has now made the AI files and scripts available so that researchers around the world can develop SAM. The American group wants Segment Anything Model to become a tool for everyone, and to achieve this it needs to be trained and its capabilities developed.


SAM: AI that could change the face of many sectors

For the time being, SAM cannot yet be used in the everyday world. However, Meta's ambition is to revolutionise sectors through the development of the Segment Anything Model. Indeed, what interests Meta most in SAM is segmentation within a video and later live. Thanks to this, the AI will be able to recognise and understand its real environment and the world.

Firstly, in the future SAM could be used for augmented reality glasses. It will be able to recognise objects and thus guide people in their daily lives. Augmented reality could then become a very powerful technology and be exploited at 100%, which is not yet the case today.

Secondly, in the agricultural sector, SAM could be a great help. For example, it could help farmers to count their livestock and simplify their daily lives. What's more, in biology, Segment Anything Model's artificial intelligence could assist researchers and biologists in their research by identifying cells under a microscope, for example.

For the time being, Meta has made SAM available for development and training in order to give this AI a chance. In the future, it will become an important tool in a number of areas, making work easier for everyone.