Mojo Vision: augmented reality lenses in development

Announced at the January 2020 CES, a trade show dedicated to new technologies, the start-up Mojo Vision continues to develop its project on contact lenses equipped with augmented reality. The Mojo Lens prototype is being refined and new features have recently been announced.

Augmented reality lenses


The Californian start-up Mojo Vison set itself the challenge two years ago of offering a unique experience of augmented reality through simple lenses: the Mojo Lens. Its objective is to bring to life a unique world, that of "invisible computing": a unique and futuristic experience. With these lenses, the company wants to reinvent the augmented reality experience by offering a unique use with, for example, precise information (GPS direction, constellations, etc.) that would appear in the user's field of vision. A futuristic innovation combining augmented reality, smartphone use and smart devices in general. 


Various users

These glasses were designed primarily for visually impaired people. The start-up is working with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to develop a revolutionary device programme. It has partnered with the Vista Center for the Bling and Visually Impaired, an organisation that provides rehabilitation services to people with vision loss. The brand is also looking to expand its reach and to conquer and address new markets. It has recently partnered with Adidas Running and plans to establish other partnerships with fitness brands. The Mojo Lens offers athletes the possibility of having live access to information related to their performance while remaining focused on their run.

New features


These lenses go beyond the relatively bulky augmented reality headsets. Indeed, a 0.5 millimetre microLED display with a density of 14,000 pixels per inch powered by an ARM Core M0 process is directly integrated into the contact lens. The Mojo Lens has various features such as eye tracking for precise and optimal eye tracking. Still under development, this new innovation would be a little jewel taking into account the miniaturization of the materials and the operating system that would be integrated.

Mojo Vision has continued to develop its prototype and has also partnered with Menicon, a leading Japanese lens manufacturer. This collaboration will allow Mojo Vision to move beyond the prototype to a finished product. The company also announced that it has raised an additional $45 million in funding from various companies. 

The objective of this pair of lenses is to offer the ultimate comfort to users by simply and quickly getting the information they want. Indeed, they only need to look up to see the information they want without even having to take out their smartphone, consult a screen and consequently lose sight of what they were looking at before. The aim of the features developed is to optimise the use of the lenses as much as possible to make it fluid, pleasant and unique.

Towards a futuristic world?

Still at the prototype stage, Mojo Vision really wants to have an impact on our daily lives by developing an innovative and unique product. Indeed, this technology would have many effects in different fields, including medical. We can't wait to follow the progress of this project and the new announcements.