A new connection possibility is possible with Meta Quest 2

Meta brought new features to connect to the virtual reality headset Meta Quest 2. Simply log in to your Meta account to access the headset's features, we tell you more!

A Meta login account

In order to access the various features offered by the VR headset, it was necessary to have a Facebook account. This was required to activate the headset and make purchases afterwards. Announced at the Facebook Connect conference in October 2021, the Meta accounts are no longer linked to other social networks, it is possible to simply create a Meta account to use the headset. For users who previously used a Facebook account, all their data, from purchases to content, is transferred to their new Meta account.


Even if this Meta account is not comparable to a Facebook or Instagram account, which are clearly accounts for evolving on a social network, it is necessary to create a profile to which is linked an avatar personalised to one's tastes. Links can then be made between users thanks to a follow system comparable to what the Oculus interface offers. A synchronisation system can be used between the different Meta, Facebook and Instagram accounts, to make it easier to find relationships on these other networks. The Meta account thus appears as "a centralised space that allows you to connect to VR devices and view and manage purchased applications." explains the group.


A presence in the metaverse

With the Meta account, it is also possible to create a Meta Horizon profile, which is ideal for working on the group's various VR services. This account can be used, for example, to move withinHorizon Woldson metaverse of the group. The Meta Quest 2 headset will be your best partner in these different VR worlds. Thanks to the headset, users find themselves immersed in a unique virtual universe in which they can be guided and live a real immersive experience. More and more expected by the Internet users, Meta does not stop evolving and continues its development in AR and VR in order to meet the new needs and expectations of the Internet users. 

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