Digital Collectibles: the NFT on Instagram !

Since 10 May 2022, the CEO of Instagram has announced the launch of a feature, Digital Collectiblewhich will enablepost your NFTs on Instagram. Here is all the information you need to know about this information!

What is the Digital Collectible?

It's official, NFTs are coming to Instagram! For this, a tab on the profile of designers and collectors will be present and in which all the person's NFTs will be grouped together with a visual of the NFT

Here are the 4 characteristics of the Digital Collectible:



Connection to your digital wallet

This is the most important thing to integrate your NFTs on Instagram. Indeed, it is by connecting his wallet that you can import the NFTs you want into the Instagram portfolio.

Sharing your Digital Collectible

The purpose of this new functionality is to be able to share its NFTs to make them more visible. Thus, a shiny effect will appear on the visual and the owner will be able to add a description about the NFT.

Tagging the creator and the collector

In order to make NFTs more visible, it is first necessary to give visibility to those who invest in them. Thus, on each NFT, the collector and the creator will be automatically tagged. This will, for example, make it easier for creators to make themselves known to interested parties.

Sharing an Instagram filter with its built-in NFT

One of the most important features is the Instagram filter that will allow NFT owners to show it in stories in a more realistic wayl.


NFT filters

This feature of Digital Collectibles is not yet available to all but a version is being tested on Spark ARThis option will be made possible thanks to the appearance of a small button on the bottom of the screen. This option will be made possible by the appearance of a small button on the visual of the NFT with "See in AR" written on it. Initially, the NFT filter will only allow the NFT to be projected only in 2D but 3D is in progress development. With this, Instagram wants to make NFTs (and thus the metaverse) more accessible and visible to all in order to democratise them.
Instagram filters for NFTs will be available this summer according to Instagram and Spark AR.

The benefits of the Digital Collectible

The first advantage of this feature is accessibility of the NFTs. Indeed, this will give everyone the opportunity to discover the world of the Web3 which is only present in certain places on the internet and not very visible on social networks. This is mainly due to the fact that the Meta Group invests heavily in the metaverse and thus prepares the ground for users to adapt to the world of tomorrow.

The second advantage is increasing the visibility of creators. With the creator's tag on his NFTs, this allows users to see his Instagram account and therefore to take an interest in his creations. For example, an influencer who buys an NFT from an artist and posts it on Instagram, this can give the creator a lot of exposure simply through the portfolio.

One of the benefits of the Digital Collectible is aimed at brands. Indeed, many brands have started to offer NFTs, a way of offer original content to its community and make its place in the Web3. Thanks to this new feature on Instagram, brands will then be able to share their creation more easily to their followers and thus improve the visibility of their content. Furthermore, as explained above, the creator is automatically tagged on the NFT, which allows the creative brand to appear even more easily and widely on Instagram without having to invest more.

The final advantage of Digital Collectibles is the integration of augmented reality. This technology is a widely used and known tool and is becoming a central element of brand strategies. By creating a Instagram filter for NFTsIn this way, brands will be able to disseminate their content even more effectively and ensure original communication.

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