Apple focuses on augmented reality

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has recently shown great interest in AR and its future.

The rise of augmented reality to enhance our exchanges...


This new technology promises to be used more and more over the years. Indeed, it allows for more conversions to increase the commercial reach. It also makes exchanges richer by giving more possibilities.

Let's say you have an important interview next week with a lot of data and rather complex explanations. Using new AR tools will enrich the dialogue and clarify the arguments. This effort will result in a more dynamic exchange and you will be more likely to convert.

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Recurring innovations

apple augmented reality glasses

There are many rumours about the possible release of new Apple products. First, the company may be developing glasses and a virtual reality headset. These digital innovations are expected to be released by 2022 for the glasses, and three years later for the headset, according to industry reports. 

However, we must not forget a project that has not had any news for some time ... theApple Car ! Indeed, this autonomous electric vehicle to be developed by the group remains a silent project, arousing curiosity about its progress. This condensed innovation is highly anticipated.

Tim Cook knows how important this technology is!

In various interviews, the CEO ofApple puts forward its vision of augmented reality. For Tim Cook, this theme is a central objective on which to focus. In a few years' time, these technologies will be part of the most widespread and most appreciated means of action in society. 

In addition, the CEO remained very vague on all the questions asked about the evolution of the projects mentioned above.