5 reasons to include augmented reality on your e-commerce site

Augmented reality is a technology that has been around for a long time, but its use is becoming more and more popular among individuals. Its use is common and can help brands achieve their goals, especially in e-commerce.

1. Augmented reality increases the average visit time

Indeed, users of AR content stay much longer in interaction with the content due to its immersive and original aspect. Thus, when you give visitors to your site the possibility of projecting products in 3D, the average visit time can increase by 90% thanks to augmented reality. This advantage will improve your SEO and will give you credibility in front of Google's robots.


2. Augmented reality increases your conversion rate


Augmented reality also involves the 3D modeler, so when a visitor projects the product in 3D in its environment, he or she can also change the colour and remove or add accessories. The user will therefore be able to really project himself and know exactly what he is ordering. 

This realistic aspect will make it easier to convince him and from a KPI point of view, augmented reality increases the conversion rate by 30%. Moreover, according to theSnapchat study released last month, 56% of internet users attest that augmented reality gives more confidence in the quality of products.

3. Decline in the rate of return

As explained above, customers who order your products through augmented reality already know what they will receive. There are no surprises when they open the package and therefore less chance of it being returned. This allows the brand to drastically reduce product returns and the costs that accompany them.

4. Added value over competitors

Augmented reality is not yet widely used in the world of e-commerce. Many retailers are still cautious about this technology, yet Google is starting to integrate it into its search engine. Indeed, augmented reality allows Internet users to get answers more quickly and easily, which convinced the giant to invest in this technology (to learn more about this project, go to our article !). For the moment, only 1 site out of 10 offers augmented reality content, which is not much, but it is also an opportunity to stand out from the competition by offering quality content.

5. A better customer experience

With all the reasons mentioned above, it's easy to guess that AR can improve the customer experience. Indeed, the practicality adds to the immersive content and the customer will more easily remember coming to your site.

For example, according to Snapchat, 70% of people remember the AR experience they had 2 weeks earlier and this proves that this technology makes the customer experience much more attractive and enjoyable.