Tako: the new chatbot powered by conversational AI available on the TikTok app

TikTok has just announced the launch of its support chatbot, Tako, on its mobile application in order to compete with Snapchat, which has also released a chatbot, My AIfor a few months now. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks, and it's always looking for new features to attract and retain users. So, after opening up to software for creating TikTok filtersNow it's the turn of intelligence to take its place in the application.

Tako: A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence

TikTok wanted to offer an effective chatbot that would enable it to have relevant conversations with users. So the Chinese giant entrusted this mission to a third-party partner that does not use Open AI technology.

Tako's aim is to offer content and explanations to users who request it, to make it easier for them to discover content on the platform. What's more, TikTok wanted to take a different route from Snapchat. My AI is an AI that can have a conversation on any subject and "create links" with users. This type of chatbot could prove dangerous, as Snap's users are quite young and could very quickly be influenced. There has already been controversy surrounding Snapchat's AI, which had disturbing things to say to young people on the application. This is why Tako will not allow this type of conversation and will keep a distance from users who ask him for help.


Tako: an assistance tool on the TikTok application

chatbot interface with Tako artificial intelligence from TikTok

Tako appears just above the profile icon in the video feed and is only activated when the user clicks on it. As explained above, users will be able to ask Tako two types of question: an explanation of the context of the video and a list of videos on a requested subject. Tako's objective is to change the way people consume videos and wants Tako to become an effective and relevant search bar.

What's more, the launch of Tako is also a way for TikTok to keep its users on TikTok for longer. In addition to chatting with users, offering lists of different videos on a requested topic will encourage people to watch even more videos. Add to this the application's powerful algorithm, which will be able to feed on requests made to Tako, and TikTok can be sure of seeing an increase in usage time.

For the time being, TikTok is being cautious with Tako and has warned that the chatbot is still in the testing phase and may give false or irrelevant answers. TikTok has even warned users against asking for medical, legal or financial advice and relying on its answers.

The race for AI-powered chatbots is therefore on, and it is certain that many other social networks will want to adapt AI to the use of their applications.