Gucci Virtual 25: the virtual shoe to share on all your photos


A new pair of Gucci trainers:

Gucci launches the Gucci Virtual 25his first virtual basketball. A shoe that can only be worn in a digital environment, such as in photos or videos. Alessandro Michele is the creator. Indeed, the artistic director of the brand designed this neon-coloured pair for several reasons: to create a buzz around the product on social networksThis is the first time they have done this kind of selling, and it allows their customers totry it out virtually on their feet the product thanks to the augmented reality.

Virtual 25 thus marks the beginning of a solid collaboration between the luxury house and the virtual world. 

It is with the AR Wanna platform specialising in virtual shoe fitting that Gucci has teamed up for this project. You can find the Gucci virtual 25 on the two companies' app for £12.99. Once you buy the model, you then get a filter that can be applied to your feet to take photos or videos to share online. But that's not all, you also get a downloadable version of the trainers that can be used on users of the virtual reality VRChat and the game Roblox.


This is not the first time Gucci has used the agency's services, as the company has provided its customers with a virtual fitting for its glasses, trainers, masks, lipsticks and hats on its application.

As for clothing, together they have created avatars from video games available on Pokemon Go or The Sims 4, where each one wears virtual clothes from the brand's capsule collections.

A wide range of sectors are setting out to conquer augmented reality, including Gucci

As the brand says, "This initiative is a testament to Gucci's unique ability to combine the past with the contemporary, vintage with technology, the real with the virtual. It creates an even stronger attachment, as people feel closer to the brand. Customers feel like they are having a shared experience and co-creating with Gucci."

Do like Gucci by using our services to integrate your products in augmented reality. 

The agency specialising in augmented reality, shares its future plans linking the advancement of this technology. Indeed, as Wanna's CEO said, "in five or maybe ten years, a relatively large part of fashion brands' revenues will come from digital products.

More and more brands are taking advantage of digital and virtual reality. Converse, for example, has offered virtual shoe fittings with its Sample IT application. Ikea Place has also offered its customers the possibility to visualise their products in their environments.