Instagram 2024 algorithm - Ultimate guide

In this article, you will learn how the Instagram algorithm will work in 2024 and how get more followers on Instagram more quickly. You will discover which hashtags to usewhat type of content create and how many times to post per day. You'll also see that it's important to pay attention to the way you use hashtags, to follow the trends and adapt your content to what already works.


Here is a summary of 16 Tips to make the most ofInstagram's algorithm in 2024 :

Tip 1: Highlighting content

Understand that the algorithm is your allynot your enemy. It highlights the content that users are most likely to enjoy.

For example: If your video content is relevant and keeps people on the platform then the algorithm will naturally push you.

Tip 2: Interact with your subscribers

Ask your subscribers interact with your publications by asking them questions or asking them to tag a friend.

For example: Underneath your Instagram post/publication you can ask in the description: "Tag a friend who thinks like we do". This will significantly improve the reach of your Instagram post thanks to the comments of your followers.

Tip 3: Choose a clear theme

Give people a reason to follow you by offering a clear value proposition. Show it through your profile and your content.

For example: Choose a theme and don't spread yourself too thin by covering different things. The message would become incoherent for your followers.

Tip 4: Use hashtags

Use between 3 and 10 hashtags per publication to improve your referencing.

For example: Choose a maximum of ten hashtags related to your post and/or theme to improve your referencing. IF your post is about fishing, don't hesitate to include hashtags such as #fishing.

Tip 5: Place your hashtags cleverly

Place hashtags in the caption of your publication, not in the comments

For example: Write a catchy description for your post and then write ten or so hasthags in a row. Don't write them in the first comment under your post.

Tip 6: Check whether you are shadow banned

Check whether you are "Shadow banned" (i.e. whether your reach is artificially limited by Instagram) by going to your account settings.

For example: If you have a business account, here's where you need to go - Profile -> Menu -> Settings -> Account -> Account status.

Tip 7: Generate interaction

Avoid directing people to the link in your bio. This will generate additional interactions

For example: Instead, ask them to comment or send you a message to access your exclusive content.

Tip 8: Interact with a similar audience

Devote 10 minutes a day to interact with large pages who already have an audience similar to the one you want to attract.

For example: Find 4 or 5 accounts that are similar to yours in terms of content. Comment on and like their posts to make yourself visible to this audience and to the algorithm. Do this every day for more imapct

Tip 9: Use the tools you're given

Use the maximum number of functions and tools offered by Instagram. The more you use, the more Instagram will promote you.

For example: For example, don't hesitate to use augmented reality filters on your stories.

Tip 10: Diversify platforms

This may seem counter-intuitive, but reuse your videos on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, and your images on Pinterest to reach a wider audience with minimal effort.

For example:  Your real clips can be reposted on tiktok or as shorts on youtube to reach a different audience who will be able to subscribe to your other accounts.

Tip 11: Duplicate to attract

Repost content that has already worked well to reach more people who hadn't seen him yet.

For example:  If one of your real products has already performed, you can repost it a few weeks later to reach a different audience.

Tip 12: Post regularly

Keep to a publication schedule regular to gain the trust of the algorithm and your subscribers.

For example:  Plan your publications using a tool and predict what type of content you're going to post every week.

Tip 13: Get inspired

Don't hesitate to use viral content ideas from other designers, while adding your own style.

For example:  Curate and follow trends and challenges to better reach your community

Tip 14: Be progressive

Publish more content gradually to increase your reach and growth.

For example:  Post once or twice a week then 4 times a week instead of starting straight away with 10 posts at once.

Tip 15: Generate leads through advertising

Boost your content using paid advertising to reach your target audience and generate leads and sales.

For example:  Create a campaign ahead of an event in your shop and boost the publication to reach more people.

Tip 16: Use front-page stories

Highlight your story highlights to create a connection with your new subscribers and convert them into fans and leads.

For example:  If you're travelling to a particular country, group together all your stories about that country under a front page story. Fans will be able to find your tips and good addresses, such as restaurants, in this space.

Key point: Retention

Instagram's algorithm classifies accounts into different levels of creator, based on a confidence score. The higher your level, the greater your reach.

To reach the first level of creator, you must have around 1,000 subscriberss and be consistent in the content you produce. Once this first stage has been reached, a viral video can take your account to the next level.

Instagram's algorithm focuses primarily on the retention rate to decide whether a video should go viral or not. If your retention rate is low, you need to review your content, your target audience and your strategy.

For increase your retention ratecreate shorter, more engaging videos and keep track of your statistics to gradually improve. To make your videos even more viral, encourage comments tackling controversial subjects or pinching discussions in the comments.

What should we remember?

  • 📈 Instagram's algorithm classifies accounts into different levels of creators.
  • 📊 Retention rate is crucial for a video to go viral.
  • 🎯 Reaching the first creator level requires around 1,000 subscribers.
  • 🔥 A viral video can propel your account to the next level of creator.
  • 📉 If your retention rate is low, you need to review your content and strategy.
  • ✂️ Shorter, more engaging videos can improve your retention rate.
  • 💬 Spark comments by tackling controversial topics or pinching discussions in the comments.
  • 📅 Post 1 to 2 times a day on Instagram before increasing to 3 times a day.
  • 📊 Use different hashtag strategies depending on your niche.
  • 🎥 Find content ideas by researching other similar accounts and analysing their success.
  • 💡 Pay attention to the speed, subject, format and length of the content you publish.
  • 🚫 Avoid using banned hashtags and placing hashtags in pinned comments.
  • 💬 Encourage a single action from users in each publication.