Foot tracking and wrist tracking will be available on TikTok filters

Foot tracking integrated into TikTok filters

Definition of foot tracking

Foot Tracking is a feature that allows the camera to recognise and track a user's foot using augmented reality. In short, the TikTok filters will be able to track the foot from the camera and overlay elements on top. This technology has already been used on Snapchat for a few years and has proven to be very successful.

For the moment, foot tracking is not yet available on TikTok and we cannot yet know its performance and complexity. However, foot tracking is already available on the Chinese TikTok application: Douyin. Thus, this feature has already been in use and developed for some time and we can assume that foot tracking will offer optimised accuracy.

The possibilities of foot tracking on TikTok

Foot tracking available on TikTok filters will enable the creation of unique filters and give brands the opportunity to offer try-on shoes on TikTok.

Indeed, the foot tracking on TikTok will make new types of filters emerge, each more original than the other, and therefore create challenges and trends quickly.

In addition, try-on for shoes has become a very important lever for brands on social networks that offer it. It allows users to try on new pairs of trainers without going to the shop, and therefore facilitates the buying process.


Wrist tracking in TikTok filters

Definition of wrist tracking

Wrist tracking is of course the recognition and tracking of the wrist. It is exactly the same technology as foot tracking but this time for wrists. As explained earlier, the release date of this feature is not yet disclosed but it will surely be available at the same time as foot tracking.

Today, wrist tracking is only available on Snapchat and several brands are already using it to increase their conversions on the app.

The possibilities of wrist tracking on TikTok

wrist tracking and foot tracking on tiktok

Wrist tracking is intended solely for try-on. Indeed, it will allow brands to offer to try on accessories and watches directly in the TikTok application. As you can see on the picture, the watch will be placed on the wrist and will adapt to the movement of the wrist. This filter is available on theSnapchat application.