Spark AR changes its policy on embedding photos of real people

Spark AR has decided to change its policy regarding the integration of photos of people on Instagram and Facebook filters.

A long-awaited change to Spark AR

Prior to 1 March 2021, it was impossible to upload a photograph of a real person because Instagram and Facebook refused to distribute the filter in question. This change follows improvements to their review process, which will enable them to detect breaches of prohibitions more easily, without limiting the possibilities for filter creation. However, Spark AR would like to remind you that violations of intellectual property and the use of intimidation are still banned and can be detected in the filter review process.

This progress will therefore allow creators to have more freedom on Spark AR Studio and users to have more choice of filters. But this policy change is not just about photos, other terms and conditions have been changed by Instagram and Facebook to facilitate the creation of augmented reality filters. One of the major changes was also the correction of Spark AR insights. The insights were being counted incorrectly and this was giving the wrong KPIs to companies or filter creators. Sometimes the statistics were lower or higher than the reality and there was a lot of confusion when analysing the numbers. In addition, it is now possible to have insights into the effects used in Instagram reels for a better understanding.

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