Events and augmented reality: how to make the experience immersive?

Events also require a good marketing and communication strategy to ensure customer loyalty. It is sometimes difficult to have a brand image, especially if the event is only held once a year. In order to build customer loyalty, it is important to offer them a very satisfying customer experience and make them want to come back next time.

With new technologies it is easily possible to improve the customer experience and the arrival of augmented reality is a very important lever because it allows to create an immersive and unique experience.


A strategy to promote the event

Firstly, augmented reality can be used before and after the event to promote it and to leave a trace of the event.

Before the event: engage your community

👉🏻 Provide filters on social networks with the image of the festival to make users want to come to the event

👉🏻 Organise an augmented reality game on social networks to win tickets

👉🏻 Place a QR code on the festival posters and see the event programme or an animation appear in front of you. 

After the event: staying visible

👉🏻 Activate a filter with memories of the event on social networks

👉🏻 Keep the atmosphere of the event going for longer

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During the event: providing an immersive experience

There are many ways to make the experience stimulating and positive for the participants. Here are some of them:

👉🏻 Embellish venues with animated and interactive settings to engage participants and make them want to participate in the interactions present on site.



👉🏻 Organise games all over the venue with, for example, a map that reveals clues to go on a treasure hunt using augmented reality.


👉🏻 For music festivals, it is possible to make the lyrics of the songs appear in the air or to change the scenery during the concert.


👉🏻 Set up virtual photobooths with props or people appearing on the screens.

All this makes for a unique experience and leaves a trace in the participants' phones, which they will be happy to share with everyone.


Augmented reality is therefore a major lever in the event industry, as it allows us to offer a great experience to participants who are gradually beginning to tire of basic marketing and prefer experiential marketing. With unique and immersive memories, they will want to come back next time to relive these moments a second time.

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