Snapchat Trends: a tool to analyse popular trends

Snapchat just won't stop. This year, a dozen new features or updates have appeared on the app and the little ghost is not done yet. Since the beginning of the month, Snapchat has launched Snapchat Trends, which lists and aggregates all the popular trends emerging on the social network.

Augmented reality facilitates the purchasing process

With this free tool, you will be able to find the popular keywords that users use on the social network but it also allows you to analyse trends and anticipate needs. 

You can search for specific keywords and find out what time of year those keywords are most written about in public stories and in the My Stories section. In addition, you can compare up to five words against each other to analyse their usage.

As you will have understood, this tool is not necessarily proposed for users but above all for brands and creators in order to propose content adapted to the popular searches of the moment.

In their August 17 press release, Snapchat even said "For marketers and content creators, Snapchat Trends offers a whole new source of information about the Snapchat generation and provides insight into the Snapchat community and the topics they care about."

To reassure everyone about this new tool, the little ghost says that brands have already been able to take advantage of Snapchat Trend to gain new insights into their audience and have been able to adapt their strategy.


Soon available in France for free

As with any launch, Snapchat decided to focus on a few countries initially to optimise its tool. It is only available for trends in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. There is no doubt that this tool will also be deployed in France in a few months as it seems to be very useful at the moment.

With all these new features, tools and updates, Snapchat clearly aims to make its social network attractive to brands. Indeed, it is thanks to them that the social network receives a part of its turnover. With the tough competition between social networks, the little ghost doesn't want to lose its place in the market.