Augmented reality games for young and old!

When it comes to games, augmented reality is no joke. By combining fanciful virtual elements with the user's real environment, the augmented reality games manage to offer unique immersive experiences that traditional games don't. Let's discover the best augmented reality games we can all play.

For youngsters: learning and having fun with augmented reality games

The magic park

What could be better than a walk in the park with the whole family? Hearing the birds sing, playing on the lawn, making friends - all good reasons to explore the outside world. But it's even better if you add a touch of augmented reality! That's what the game Magical Park In this game, children can use their tablet or smartphone to discover fantastic creatures and exotic animals in an ordinary park. Available on IOS and Android, the game can be downloaded free of charge, much to the delight of parents.


Color Quest AR: awakening the sleeping artist

This augmented reality game lets children learn while having fun. The aim of the game is to colour in characters (fruit and vegetables) that come to life once the children have finished colouring. The added bonus is that once animated, the character reveals a fact about the human body to the child. The more they colour, the more new characters are unlocked, and the game also gives access to a host of augmented reality challenges and mini-games. It's never been easier to let a child's imagination run wild in complete safety thanks to this game, which is available free of charge on Android and IOS.

AR Dino Roar to discover the dinosaurs

T-Rex, Pterodactyl or Diplodocus, children can discover these fascinating creatures thanks to augmented reality. All they have to do is download the application, available on Android and IOS, and the rest becomes very intuitive for children: they select the dinosaur they want to view and click on the button at the bottom of the screen to hear the dinosaur's cry.

Combining augmented reality games and sport

AR Sport Basketball is a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. All you have to do is point the camera at a flat surface to see the basket and basketball appear in augmented reality. Children can spend hours playing this game while learning the rules of basketball.

Augmented reality games for grown-ups?

Pokémon GO: democratising augmented reality games

augmented reality games pokemon go

We've all heard of it, Pokémon GO has created a buzz and got everyone on the same page. By roaming the streets, parks and unusual places, this game allows all users to capture virtual Pokémons using a smartphone or tablet. Pretending to be real trainers, players set off in search of rare creatures, items and points of interest known as Pokéstops, which are none other than real places and monuments. Constantly evolving, this game regularly offers new features that never leave you bored.

The very special atmosphere of Silent Street

It's a free investigation game for iOS and Android. The player takes on the role of a private detective tasked with solving a series of investigations in a dark, mysterious English town. To move around in the game, users have to take their own steps, which are detected by the phone's gyroscope.

Skyjacker: virtual battles with real aircraft

Using existing air traffic, this augmented reality game lets players capture planes in multiplayer mode in the sky. Thanks to the phone's GPS and gyroscope, planes in the players' vicinity can be detected from the ground. Players are free to choose whether to defend or attack the plane if another player has already captured it. As they progress through the game, players can win airports and earn points in the rankings according to the rarity of the planes they capture.