Snapchat and TikTok launch augmented reality filters for animals.

Social networks Snapchat and TikTok have recently developed a new feature for our best friends: augmented reality filters. For both dogs and cats, these filters will allow you to personalise your photos and videos by making your pets even more adorable. 

How do animal filters work?

The augmented reality filters are becoming increasingly popular and offer a number of possibilities to users. This technology is very popular with social networks, which are one by one trying to diversify by innovating and inventing new concepts. Snapchat and TikTok recently launched a new augmented reality filter for dogs and cats. Users have been very keen to adopt it and are taking pictures of their pets using the many filters available on social networks.

snapchat filter for animals

Using the camera of a smartphone or computer, augmented reality is a simple overlay of 2D and 3D content in the real world. Algorithms will recognise the different shapes and thus change your appearance or add scenery. 

Similarly, augmented reality filters for animals work in the same way. They are able to easily identify the animal and are optimised to give you the best possible experience. 

Where to find the augmented reality filters for animals on Snapchat ?

To find augmented reality filters for animals on Snapchat, simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Open the Snapchat application on your mobile phone or download it. Once this is done, create an account to access the whole application.
  • Step 2 Select the magnifying glass in the bottom middle of your screen to access the keyword filter searches.
  • Step 3 Type the name of the filter you want to try. If you don't know the name of the filter, we advise you to write simple English keywords like "pets" for example.
  • Step 4 You now have access to all the filters, all you have to do is test them on your pet. 

Where to find the augmented reality filters for animals on TikTok ?

Like Snapchat, TikTok gives free access to all its filters. To find them, follow these steps: 

  • Step 1 Start by opening the TikTok application. If you don't have it yet, download it using this link. This way you will have access to all the features of the application and can proceed to the next steps.
  • Step 2 To access the camera, select the "+" button at the bottom of the screen. The filter gallery is indicated by the "Effects" icon on the left of the screen. 
  • Step 3 Search for the filter you want to try by typing it in the search bar. In the same way as with Snapchat, if you don't know the name of the filter, we advise you to write simple keywords like "pets" for example.
  • Step 4 And that's it! All you have to do is test the filter on your four-legged friend and share it with all your friends.

Popular Filters on Snapchat and TikTok

The filter Gooba Rap Animals on Snapchat

Make your pet look like a real rapper with this augmented reality filter available on Snapchat. Dreadlocks on the head and a promising smile will make you and your friends fall in love. 

The filter Cartoon available on TikTok

This filter TikTok in augmented reality gives a doe-eyed effect to your companion. Don't wait any longer and go try it out!

The filter 84372 PetSmart - in collaboration with PetSmart

Pet shop PetSmart is using augmented reality to showcase its brand. Check out this filter on the social network Snapchat and test it on your pet. 

The filter Puss in Boots on TikTok

This filter is actually available on the social network TikTok. He will dress your pet in the beautiful Puss in Boots hat. 

snapchat filter for cats and dogs

The filter Cartoon Face - in collaboration with Disney

This augmented reality filter Snapchat allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a Disney character. A little extra: it adapts to our best friends and makes them even more irresistible.


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