Snapchat filter vs Lens What is the difference?

Many people do not know the difference between snapchat filters and lenses and this can lead to confusion. Some may say that they are not the same thing and yet they (almost) are.

Snapchat filters vs. lens

When Snapchat launched its augmented reality filters, the social network wanted to give it a unique name to differentiate itself from other social networks. Thus, Snapchat filters were called "Lens" and "Lenses" in the plural. 

Confusion then arose when the word was translated into French. Indeed, if you translate the word "Lens" literally into French, it gives "lentille". Even if Lens sounds good in English, in French it is a bit different. Few people understood the meaning of the word "lentille" and naturally we translated Lens as "Snapchat filter".

lens and snapchat filter

In addition, Snapchat has segmented its Snapchat lens types to better guide users. Thus, a Snapchat filter defines only simple frames and creations that users can quickly create. Lenses represent filters with more complex animations and augmented reality creations.

Want to learn more about lenses? We've put together a guide to all about Snapchat filters !

Where Snapchat Lenses / Filters are used


Snapchat filters and lenses are available on the Snapchat mobile app directly in the app's camera. So you won't see any difference between lenses and Snapchat filters. In addition, they have recently been made available on computers through theweb application than Snapchat has recently launched. On the other hand, on the web version, a very small part of the lenses are available because this version has just been launched.

In conclusion, there is no real difference between a lens and a Snapchat filter. This difference is only due to the translation of the word "lens" in French and the segmentation of the two types of lenses you can find on the application. The only difference is the complexity of the lenses you want to use.


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