Alliance between Nvidia and Siemens, an industrial metaverse in development

Both groups Nvidia and Siemens specialising in intelligent technology and graphic process design have announced their collaboration in the development of the industrial metaverse. The aim is to create digital twins easily and quickly. The combination of their two technologies aims to develop the metaverse from an industrial point of view. Let's do a recap together!

Creating digital twins

Nvidia is an American group specialising in the design of chips and the creation of graphic circuits. For its part, Siemens, a group of German origin, creates intelligent objects to help its customers in their daily lives. From cooking and laundry to dishwashers, refrigerators and espresso machines, its field of action is broad. With complementary knowledge and skills, this collaboration seems ideal. The aim is to create a "metaverse This partnership aims to help companies create high-fidelity, high-quality digital twins for products and production processes. The partnership aims to help companies create high-fidelity, high-quality digital twins for products and production processes.

Siemens NVIDIA industrial metaverse

A digital twin is a perfect replica of a physical object in a virtual way. It can be used to model and visualise the final rendering of a product or even a production process before it is manufactured. Digital twins are therefore a major asset in the development of projects, particularly in the industrial sector.


The approach taken

To implement this breakthrough, the technologies of both groups were merged, NVIDIA Omniverse and Siemens Xcelerator, is the main asset of this partnership. By connecting these two complementary platforms, the two groups combine the virtual industrial world with the world of industrial automation, "we can now merge data from the point of design, all the way through the management of the life cycle of a product, to the automation of factories to the use of the factory after deployment, all of this cycle can now take place in one world" said Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang. This merger will create digital twins in real time and thus change the world of the industry.  

By providing a simulation of the developed solution, industrial customers can see what is not working and what is working and then make changes. This new feature will be a real help in designing and improving productivity for production processes. 

The door to an industrial metaverse

But then why do we talk about industrial metaverse? The digital twins, their modelling and simulation, induce the fact of being transported into a virtual world. It is then possible to visualise potential problems and interact with each other in this new world. This fusion will allow companies of all sizes to have access to cutting edge technology and to have a real help in the manufacturing process.

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