Collaborative collections on Instagram: definition

Recently, Instagram launched a new feature to share posts and content in a group or with a friend. Collaborative collections allow you to create a space just to save the publications you want and share them with your friends.
Instagram has launched collaborative collections to avoid spamming friends with direct messages. Indeed, everyone knows someone who sends many Reels or posts during the day and sometimes we can't look at them directly. As a result, you get a lot of private message notifications that spam you.

With collaborative collections, you can easily record the Reels in a reserved area and your friend can see it whenever he wants.


How create collaborative collections on Instagram?

Step 1:

When you find an Instagram post that you want to share with a friend or your group of friends, click on the bookmark symbol (the button at the bottom right that lets you save posts).

create a collaborative collection step 1

Step 2:

A message appears on your screen inviting you to try sharing this publication through the collaborative collections. Click on "Try it".

how to create a collaborative collection on instagram step 3

Step 3:

Give a name to this collaborative collection and choose the person(s) who will have access to this space. 

Please note: when a collaborative collection is created, all the people you have added will also be able to add publications and see the publications shared by other users of the collaborative collection.

Add a publication in a collaborative collection from a private Instagram chat

Often your friends send you publications in private discussions without saving them in the collaborative collection. You can then add them directly to a collection by clicking on the bookmark symbol that is now present next to the publications.

Where find my collaborative collections ?

When you have already created collaborative collections and saved publications, you can find them from your private messaging area. To do this, simply click on the profile of the person in the thread with whom you share the collaborative collection. On this page you will then see all the media you have sent and received as well as the collaborative collections you share with that person.