How is augmented reality used by companies?

New technologies and tools are appearing on the market, particularly augmented reality. Companies are adapting to optimise their performance and organisation. New tools are then used, which contributes to improving the efficiency of companies. But then how to use augmented reality ? And what initiatives can be put in place? Let's do a recap together!



Augmented reality, a decision-making aid for customers

Real alliance between the physical and the virtualAugmented reality is a very interesting tool for brands. Indeed, it offers them the possibility to propose a complete service and offers. 

Firstly, with AR, customers can personalise a product according to their wishes. By using an application that integrates augmented reality, customers can add the elements they want to the product and thus project themselves much more easily. This is an option that is totally suitable for customisable products such as a car, a colour of furniture or to easily and quickly compare the different shapes of a product. The sign Castorama offers this with filters posted on social networks in order to visualise in advance the final appearance of furniture in one's home. Being able to personalise and visualise a product according to one's taste is a real opportunity for customers.

Beyond personalisation, there are Try-On effects. They allow you to virtually try a product on yourself or even to visualise it in its environment. The superimposition of virtual elements on reality helps to accompany Internet users during their purchasing process and, in particular, to remove potential obstacles to purchase. 3D visualisation is therefore perfectly suited to brands selling online. Clothing, accessories, furniture, sofas... Many things can be visualised with AR. This modelling is ideal for online sales and also for physical points of sale. Customers can then quickly and easily visualise the final result of their choice without even needing to touch a tester or anything else. Augmented reality really helps customers make the right choice for them.

Contribute to the development of your business

AR also appears to be a very powerful and interesting tool for the internal organisation of companies. Integrated into processes, scenarios that could be put in place or to test new techniques, augmented reality helps companies to stage and visualise the final result much more easily.

Augmented reality is also a very effective marketing and communication tool. Indeed, with AR, you can offer Internet users unique immersive experiences. The implementation of interactive elements allows users to be more engaged with the brand. What if your meetings were held via holograms? Augmented reality is also a way of changing teleworking and organisation within companies.

Well-being at work

Well-being at work, defined as a global concept bringing together the various actions that can be implemented to contribute to the well-being and fulfilment of its teams, is nowadays at the centre of company policies. Indeed, it is an important aspect that actively participates in the productivity of employees, in their collaboration and therefore in the overall development of a group. Different actions can be implemented. This can vary according to the number of employees in the teams, the sector of activity or the strong missions and values of the companies. Augmented reality can be used to actively contribute to well-being at work. But how?

AR and VR take users into a new world by superimposing virtual elements on reality. This combination of the real and the virtual can be used for team building, for example. These new technologies appear as an opportunity to develop and propose unique and original immersive activities. Indeed, with the help of helmets, the teams will be transported into a new world in which they will have to evolve together in order to pass the stages and win the game. This kind of experience allows teams to come together around a common goal and a common feeling, and thus contributes to team cohesion.

In addition to team building, augmented reality plays a daily role in improving well-being at work. During meetings, project presentations, animations, training sessions, seminars... AR becomes the best friend of companies in many projects. 

Now that you know all about RA at work, all you have to do is get out there and enjoy!