Overview of the helmet Apple Reality Pro

Recently, information has been released about Apple's new Reality Pro headset. Indeed, the latter is not yet released but many features and characteristics have become public in order to introduce and create the need for this new product. Apple has not yet made the launch of Reality Pro official and the information in this article may change when the headset goes on sale. For example, the name of the headset is not yet really defined since the American firm still hesitates between "Reality Pro" and Reality One.

Technical specifications of the Reality Pro headset

Before we talk about the features of the Reality Pro headset, let's first take a look at the technical and physical aspects of the headset.

Indeed, this little jewel is composed of a variant of the M2 chip present in the latest Mac and iPad. A processor will help the chip in the management of graphics and augmented and virtual reality. To operate the headset, Apple has chosen to create an external battery. Indeed, for reasons of comfort related to the overheating of the headset and reasons of longer battery, the battery will not be integrated into the headset. Its size will be 15cm long and a few centimeters wide (two Iphones 14 pro Max stacked). It will therefore fit in the user's pocket without any problem.


Apple Reality Pro headset

As for the headset itself, it will be made of glass, aluminium and foam and will be shaped to fit the user's face. Reality Pro will have two ultra high definition screens made by Sony and will have 15 internal and external cameras that can track hand and eye movements.

So far, Apple's Reality Pro headset is well thought out on paper, but as explained earlier, all of these features may change before the official announcement.

The features of the Reality Pro headset

The Reality Por headset will therefore be a mixed reality headset. That is to say, it integrates a part of augmented reality and a virtual reality part. Users will be able to switch modes as they wish via a button on the top of the headset.

Whatever mode you use, the interface will be the same as on Iphones and Ipads. Indeed, the application icons will be arranged in grids and the widgets will display the weather, the calendar and emails. This headset aims to create an Apple interface directly in the person's environment. In addition, Siri voice assistance will allow users to write text without having to use a numeric keypad. Users will therefore be able to respond to emails or messages from their headset.

The flagship feature of the Reality Pro headset will be video calling and immersive video.

Video calls

Thanks to the powerful cameras and processor, during a video call users will be able to see ultra-realistic avatars of the other person. This will give the impression that you are talking to the person directly in front of you. However, this feature will only be available for a two-person call as it requires too much power.

Immersive videos

Apple also wants to revolutionise the world of immersive video with a very specific feature. With the support of Disney and Dolby Laboratorie, people with Apple TV+ will be able to watch movies and sports videos on a big screen with the Reality Pro headset.

In order to provide an efficient and effective headset, Apple has also given developers the opportunity to create tools and software through xrOS in order to evolve the Reality Pro ecosystem.

The price of the helmet and the date of release

Apple has not yet officially announced the Reality Pro headset, but the firm has talked about a potential announcement in June 2023. The headset could surely go on sale in September 2023 but will only be available in the US for the time being. The opening of the market in France is expected in late 2023, early 2024. Apple had explained that the production of the headsets would begin in February but for the moment we do not have more information. 

As for the price, such a headset will be sold for 3000$ to start with. Apple is not aiming to make a profit on this headset but wants to assert its place in the mixed reality headset and glasses market. In addition, a second headset is being created that will be much cheaper than the Reality Pro headset that will be released first. Indeed, the second model will be priced at 1500$, which is still high, but considering its capabilities, is reasonable.