A culinary revolution: augmented reality is transforming food brands

Food brands are taking the liberty of innovating and integrating augmented reality into their marketing strategy. From creating applications to making filters, augmented reality is transforming the way we consume and buy. Discover these brands that are using AR to stand out from the crowd and grow their audience.

Augmented reality filters: a new strategy for food brands

1. Barilla: a new range to promote

Barilla, the Italian food brand, was present at the show Taste Of Paris 2023 to present its new range of Al Bronzo pasta. For this special day, the stand was manned by a number of chefs to offer a culinary show and an exceptional tasting experience to participants. But Barilla decided to go one step further, calling on our specialist agency to create an augmented reality filter for them on social networks. Based on the theme of Beauty and the Tramp, the aim of the filter was to highlight their new product and introduce it to a wider audience. By opting for augmented reality, Barilla is positioning itself as a brand at the cutting edge of innovation, offering a unique and modern experience to the biggest advocates of the pasta Italian.


2. Harry's tender break

To celebrate Harry's Pause Tendresse in Paris, the French viennoiserie brand called on Filtrer Maker to create an augmented reality filter for use on social networks. The filter was used as part of a competition on the brand's Instagram account, where over 100 participants tried their luck. Users had to subscribe to the account @harrys_officiel and post a video as a story using the filter Tenderness pose. At the end of the competition, two winners were drawn to win 2 FATBOY Slim Teddy poufs and Harry's products.

3. Promoting the new Häagen-Dazs fruity ice creams

Häagen-Dazs approached our agency to promote a new collection of fruit ice creams through an augmented reality filter. The filter highlighted the natural, high-quality aspect of the fruit in the ice cream, adding extra flavour and creaminess to the product. Two fruit combinations were available: watermelon-strawberry and cherry-blackberry, both of which were prominently displayed in the augmented reality filter.

4. Joya took a bite of the apple

What better way to promote a flagship product than with an augmented reality game? That's the challenge Joya set itself when it called on our agency to promote its Cripps Red apple. It's true that AR games are a big hit on social networks thanks to their originality and creativity. When the filter opens, the user has to eat as many Cripps Red apples as possible without dropping more than three in the background.

5. Madrange promotes a new product

Like Joya, Madrange is banking on augmented reality games with the support of Filter Maker. The aim of the filter is to promote the brand's brand new product: Knacks Balls. The mission was a success, with users having fun with the filter on social networks and increasing the visibility of the product.

Food brands trick themselves by combining apps and augmented reality

The Bonduelle Food Service application

Through its application Bonduelle Food ServiceThe group is integrating augmented reality into its functionalities. It has hit the nail on the head in terms of reaching out to a diverse audience and retaining existing customers, thanks to its commitment to evolution and dynamism. By opening the application, users not only have the opportunity to discover all the group's products, but they can also trigger augmented reality experiences to discover the products.

Kinder for an augmented reality surprise

Kinder Surprise is rolling out its Applaydu app, developed in collaboration with Gameloft for Brands, to provide a fun and educational augmented reality experience for children aged 4 to 9. The app offers a wide variety of games, interactive stories and activities to do using augmented reality. The most fascinating game is the animation of the items won in a Kinder Surprise by scanning the code in the leaflet. Not only does this encourage children to read the instructions on the leaflet, it also arouses their curiosity. But that's not all: the application also lets you create an avatar, read, make up stories, draw and even enjoy multiplayer games.