Discover PatchWorld, the application that immerses you in a musical metaverse

Released for Meta Quest 2 and available on the Oculus Store since last July, discover with Patchworld a new virtual world punctuated by music, your creations, sharing and discovery. Just let yourself be guided to discover the different universes, interact within this new environment of musical metaverse to discover the sound created as you go along. Let your imagination guide you and discover virtual concerts, your sounds and the multiple functionalities offered!



A musical metaverse open to all

Founded by Mélodie Mousset and with Eduardo Fouilloux, this Swiss-Danish studio is specialised in mixed reality. The objective is to offer unique immersive experiences, notably through image and sound. Thanks to their unique VR sound engine, Patch, linked to a panel of musical instruments, PatchXR offers an original experience based on interactive sound. The Group now wishes to focus on creating intersensory art through the metaverse. This is the creation of a musical metaverse, PatchWorld.

A virtual universe conducive to creation

PatchWorld's main objective is to provide a fun and entertaining experience for Internet users. This virtual musical game space allows everyone to express themselves while living shared experiences. Indeed, it is possible to create and live experiences with others, enriching experiences combining creativity, sharing and discovery. 

In addition to all these unique features, tools for creating musical instruments are also made available through 3D gadgets. Reverb, envelope, detune... These options give creators additional possibilities to customise their music to the maximum. All these options enrich the experience and can be used in virtual concerts for example. 

PatchWorld is therefore a unique and ideal application for letting your imagination run wild and being transported into a new musical universe. This musical metaverse, accessible with the Meta Quest 2 headset, offers a new perspective on the evolution of music.