New advertising formats in Instagram and Facebook Reels

Reels on Instagram and Facebook have become very popular content and are the feature most used by users on both applications. Meta has therefore decided to improve and optimise the advertising formats which you can use in Reels to enhance the user experience. That's why, as well as launching AR Reels Ads on Instagram and Facebook, three new ad formats have been introduced on the applications.

Advertisements in Reels will be lighter and more practical

advertising format in reels on instagram and facebook

The format of the ads in the Reels will be more ergonomic and more engaging for the users who see them. In addition, it will be possible to include more information about the brand or products, with a design that allows users to see all the information without clicking on "More...". 

The structure of the ad will be as follows: a large call to action at the bottom of the Reels with a thumbnail, a title and text for more information to encourage the user to click on the button.


Shopping ads in Reels even better optimised

The second format will improve the content of shopping ads. Many advertisers were complaining that they couldn't showcase several products at the same time because they could only include a single URL in the ad. Meta reacted quickly and it is now possible to split ads in Reels for different products. 

Users will be able to drag and drop a small catalogue of products represented by thumbnails and choose the product they are interested in more easily. When they click on the product image, they are taken to the product page and can quickly proceed to purchase.

A dedicated website interface on Facebook

This new function is only available on the Facebook application, but it will make buying a product much easier. When users want to go to an advertiser's website by clicking on the call to action on the ad in the Reels, the website will appear below the video. 

They will be able to pause the video and visit the site quickly, then return to the video after visiting the site. Meta claims that this format can significantly increase the click-through rate, since the user will remain on the application and can easily go back.