In a marketing strategyAugmented reality is of crucial importance both for launching a new product and for promoting a brand. It is therefore important to target relevant objectives to find a filter idea that matches your brand and target audience. For this, augmented reality filters on Snapchat are perfect and highly effective for gaining visibility with a wide and varied audience. By reading this article, you'll have everything you need to find a filter idea Snapchat to match your objectives!

Find a Snapchat filter idea based on your target objectives

With over 750 million monthly users worldwide, Snapchat is one of the most widely used social networks, and above all the most popular with young people. Launching an augmented reality filter on this social network is therefore highly relevant, because as well as reaching a young audience, the filter is also visible to a wide range of users. potential new customers. The second advantage of Snapchat is that you can also view brand stories and short reports in the Stories of the application. This reinforces the brand's image and allows it to be more visible to users who can then share this content with their contacts.


Find a filter idea to raise your profile

In a way, this is the most sought-after objective for brands. Brand awareness opens up a wide range of possibilities, both on and off social networks, when it is sufficiently developed. To set up a notoriety filterWe've got a few simple tips and ideas to get you started:

The logo

The logo is what characterises the brand, so it's important to highlight it on the filter. Users will remember it and associate it more easily with a brand. However, the logo should not take up all the space on the filter; it should be discreet but sufficiently visible.

The graphic charter

The brand's universe is conveyed through its colours, which are unique to it and enable it to stand out from its competitors. It is therefore essential to use them to create visual harmony in the filter.


A brand's values are what represent it and give users a sense of belonging. Highlighting them is therefore a relevant strategy to help users differentiate it from other brands on Snapchat.

Aim for the Drive to store objective and come up with an idea for a high-impact filter

As the name suggests, it is essential to start a campaign Drive to Store outside the physical shop environment. This strategy can take the form of a presence in traditional or online magazines, advertising posters or simply augmented reality filters. For this, Snapchat is the perfect place, as it contains a part of the brand's online presence. Stories on its platform, where brands can be quoted in sponsored articles or mini features such as Exclusive Investigations.

Filters are obviously very important, to encourage users to physically go into a shop to find a particular product. impactful idea we advise you to create a link between the event and your filter. This could be a competition, as Unibail.

Find a filter idea to promote a product or event

When promoting an event or a new product, augmented reality filters are your best friends! So it's important to offer a a unique and original experience so that users will want to share it on social networks and help promote it.

The randoms filters are ideally suited to this type of strategy, and can be used to scroll through various products on the user's screen. The roulette wheel will stop on one of the products at random, making it possible to capture the user's reaction as well as scanning a wide range of products using the roulette wheel.

Increase user conversion

Snapchat offers brands highly attractive and interactive advertising formats thanks to augmented reality. By projecting 3D elements into the user's real-life environment, augmented reality is a simple and effective way toincrease brand conversion. There are a number of features available to brands on Snapchat.

AR Shopping

The functionality AR Shopping from Snapchat allows users to virtually try on products using augmented reality. This type of try-on is more commonly known as a try-on, where users are offered a catalogue of products to choose from, just like in a physical shop. After the try-on, the customer has access to a Call To Action button that allows them to go directly to the brand's website to buy the product online. This feature is widely used and considerably increases the brand's conversion rate.

3D modelling

The 3D modelling is based on the same principle as try-on. The only difference is that it allows you to view a product in its entirety and to rotate and zoom in on it. This feature is often used by brands marketing technical products such as coffee machines or cars. In this way, the user can view the object from all angles, making it easier to decide whether or not to buy. For brands, this will not only increase conversion but also promote a new product.