A new feature to film both sides of the smartphone

At the end of the summer, Snapchat announced the release of a new feature based on the same codes as their competitor "BeReal". Indeed, this new social network made quite an impact when it arrived on the market, since its operation was based on dual cameras. Snapchat has therefore decided to offer this feature, which is so enticing for users. Instagram has also jumped on the bandwagon, offering the same functionality as BeReal.

new snapchat feature - dual camera


The dual camera is an addition to an already comprehensive range of products

Snapchat is the social network that offers the most new features or improvements to their existing features. All these changes are aimed at optimising the quality of the content that is created in this application in order to attract a maximum number of users. For example, it is the first social network to offer a Shopping AR to try out products on oneself thanks to the try-on.

4 snapchat dual camera modes explanation

How does the dual camera work?

The dual camera contains 4 modes of use that allow you to diversify and find the right format for your photo or video. One mode is based on the vertical format and another on the horizontal format. The other two modes allow you to have a picture in the picture or to distract yourself by adding the background on the other side of the camera.

After the user is satisfied with the final rendering, it can be shared in the application since the content is simply a normal video or image.

How to use the dual camera mode on Snapchat?

For the time being, this feature is available on IOS but will arrive in the coming months on Android.

double camera snapchat step 1

1- Apply dual screen mode on Snapchat

To do this, you need to go to the camera in the application. There is a small icon with two cameras in the top right-hand corner. Click on this little icon.

picture-in-picture mode dual camera snapchat

2- Choose the mode you wish to use

As explained above there are 4 different modes that allow you to choose the format that suits you best.

3- Take the photo or video

Nothing could be easier, take your photo or video and when you are satisfied, share it with your community!