Top 5 filters for the World Cup in Qatar

The 20th of November is the start of the World Cup in Qatar and brands all wanted to position themselves to stand out. We can see ads, posts on social networks but some have also made filters on social networks. Here are the 5 best filters to celebrate the World Cup in Qatar.

1. Madrange

Madrange contacted us to make a filter Instagram in order to support the French team during the football world cup in Qatar. This filter is an AR game in which the user has to collect as many balls as possible in order to make the best score.

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is an airline that is officially the partner airline for the world in Qatar. It has chosen to communicate widely on social networks and offers several Instagram filters. This first filter is an AR game where the goal is to score a goal by avoiding your opponents. As you can see, the demo video was made by Neymar. The use of the image ofinfluencer is a very important lever to communicate well on an Instagram filter.


3. BBC Africa

BBC Africa has also published an AR game filter on Instagram in the form of a quiz. This is a good way to create interaction and engagement on social media as it arouses curiosity and the desire to give as many correct answers as possible.

Directed by @Arielsitoy2k

4. Collectable stickers

A content creator has also released a filter for the Qatar World Cup that refers to the collectible stickers of each country's players. This filter allows users to choose which team they want to support and therefore customise the filter as they wish.

5. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has also launched another filter on Instagram that uses segmentation to replace the background. Here we can see that the person is on a plane with the Qatar World Cup. It's a filter that looks harmless at first but this type of effect can quickly go viral and be used by influencers.