How will the metaverse change our online shopping experience?

The metaverse is growing and becoming part of our daily lives. This technology is also arriving in the world of e-commerce and changing our online shopping experiences. What are these new consumer habits and how can we adapt to them?

The metaverse: an innovative concept


With the metaverseIt is now possible to do many things. Try on clothes virtually, get the shoes of your dreams or find yourself on the other side of the world just by putting on an AR/VR headset. You will be transported to a new world. These new technologies are pushing back the boundaries between the real and the virtual to merge. Internet users only need to have an avatar to move around in this universe, exchange and share new experiences with other Internet users. Thus, this virtual shared universe brings together all the new technologies, from NFTs to social commerce.


An evolution of online and offline commerce

Omnichannelity has taken on great importance over the last two years and continues to develop. New models combining various channels are therefore emerging, particularly with the metaverse on the digital side. The aim is to propose coherent and efficient actions combining social networks, physical shops and e.commerce. 

From an AR point of view, companies have already set up services to help Internet users in their purchasing process. Pinterest, for example, offers the option of try-on home decor to visualise and project the perfect decoration for one's interior! Staying in the same universe, Castorama also uses augmented reality, but on the social networks. Using filters, users can project the furniture of their choice into their homes and see what will be most suitable. This technology really helps internet users and for brands to widen their scope of action. 

The use of new technologies, particularly augmented reality, makes it possible to rethink purchasing habits by placing greater value on experimentation before making a purchase. The fusion between these different modes of purchase facilitates and optimises purchasing options. The use of 3D has a real influence on sales since consumers would be ready to pay up to 40 % more for a product accessible in 3D.

E-commerce in the metaverse

The metaverse allows for personalised and original experiences. This is the case of Spotify who released his project Spotify Island with Roblox. Quests and missions are offered on the different islands to unlock virtual goodies. Items and accessories are available in the online shop, ideal for dressing up your avatar. Spotify even offers a music creation tool. Users can create their own music by walking around the map and interacting.

Trade can also take place within the metaverse, notably with NFT. Brands create their own environment and experience within the metaverse. This allows them to "stage" their brand world and seduce potential customers. For example, brands can offer a concept store where unique pieces can be purchased as offered by Gucci. Spring also launched its online shop où The metaverse is a real opportunity to develop a new form of commerce by creating and connecting with one's community. The metaverse is therefore a real way to develop a new form of commerce by creating a link with its community. The metaverse appears to be the ideal way to complement the virtual and real experiences of brands. Would you like more information on augmented reality, the metaverse and any other topic? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts !