NFT x Netflix: the metaverse coming to your living room?

Coveted by all, NFTs continue to seduce brands with their originality and future potential. For the launch of the new season of Love, Death + Robots, Netflix decided to introduce NFT at the launch of the series by setting up a unique treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt with NFTs


Love, Death + Robots is a series Netflix released in 2019. After season 2 released in May 2021, it's the turn of season 3 to make its arrival in May 2022. For this new season and to mark the spirits, Netflix has decided to set up a treasure hunt combining NFT, web 3.0 and series, ideal!

In concrete terms, QR codes are hidden in the series, in physical advertisements and on social networks. Launched under the name "9 works of art, 9 codes" in reference to the 9 NFTs that are to be found, it is an original and promising launch campaign that the group has set up. By scanning these famous QR codes, Internet users will access the website where the NFTs in question are displayed. Users can then decide to mine the NFT, i.e. register the asset on the blockchain, or simply register it. Linked to the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs are sold at 0.003 ETH, or about $6. There are currently 27,000 unique owners, a number that is expected to grow further. 

Combining real and virtual life, this launch is an opportunity for Netflix to implement an optimal phygital action in the air of time. Moreover, with this launch, the group is gradually anchoring itself in the world of NFT and Web 3.0, i.e. promising subjects at the heart of current events. By combining entertainment and fun presentation of the series, the use of NFT for the launch of this series is a success.


The audiovisual world and NFTs

The group is increasingly interested in this area. Indeed, the documentary Trust No One: The Hunt for The Crypto King released on 30 March 2022 tells the story of Gerry Cotten, founder of the QuadrigaCX exchange and crypto-currency genius. À Through the content and documentaries put online, Netflix shows its interest in Web 3.0, NFT and their development. The platform therefore wishes to position itself and evolve with the new digital challenges of today. 

Other projects combining audiovisual and NFT were also announced, such as the film Plush. To be launched before the summer of 2022, it will be the first film co-produced in NFT. Indeed, in order to be launched in production, it was necessary to sell the NFT collection made for the film. The poster shows "The Movie" crossed out and replaced by "Your Movie". Indeed, the film can be made possible thanks to the buyers of NFT who become co-producers of the film when they buy it. It is thus an action comparable to crowdfunding that is set up in order to bring the Plush animation film to life. 

What future for NFTs, the metaverse and Web 3.0?

Present in many fields and increasingly used by brands, NFTs are at the heart of all discussions lately. But what is their future? Indeed, in view of the increasing evolution of new technologies, we can ask ourselves what the next steps will be and how these technologies will be integrated into our daily lives. 

We can be sure that the NFT and the metaverse will continue to develop. The video game industry is likely to increasingly integrate the metaverse into its operations in order to offer optimal experiences from now on. Game companies such as Nintendo or Sony, for example, have all the cards in their hands to lead this metaverse race. Indeed, as they are already specialists in their field, and with a lot of skills and knowledge under their belt, they can move into the metaverse and Web 3.0 without any worries. The objective of all this is to evolve with the new technologies in order to offer immersive, unique and optimal experiences to Internet users. On the other hand, there are different platforms to evolve in the metaverse and for example to buy NFTs. This is notably the case of The Sandbox or even Horizon Worlds

As all these technologies are linked, the NFT will be able to evolve in the different metaverses developed and become increasingly coveted digital assets. We are already looking forward to seeing future projects and continuing to see these new technologies evolve into the world of tomorrow.